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Cast-offs from the Golden Age
Melanie Swalwell, Erik Loyer
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"If all this look fine, have you done the tutorial? It is quick and painless and explains the navigation, interface and logic of the piece."
- Melanie Swalwell, Victoria University of Wellington, 5.27.2006
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Jeffrey T. Schnapp
Excerpt from peer response:
"Combined, the book and website offer unparalleled breadth and depth of research on crowds that will likely remain the gold standard on this topic for some time to come."
- N Katherine Hayles, UCLA, Los Angeles, 4.20.2006
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Digital Dynamics Across Cultures
Kim Christen & Chris Cooney, Alessandro Ceglia
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"Beyond the explicit boundaries of this project, the resistance of this project to the mastery of knowledge hints at the partial and distributed knowledges that characterize most forms on online knowledge production."
- Daniel Chamberlain, University of Southern California, 8.15.2006
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Hurricane Digital Memory Bank
Center for History and New Media
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"This archive collects objects from a specific context, and commenting can lead to inappropriate de-contextualization."
- Sheila Brennan, George Mason University, 5.17.2006
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Objects of Media Studies
Amelie Hastie, Raegan Kelly
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"Yet like a circle, the ever changing content keeps the viewer interested and eventually takes him/her full circle through the entire discussion, but is not so rigid as to make the user feel trapped in the project."
- Jess and Elissa, Los Angeles, 10.9.2007
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Panorama Ephemera
Rick Prelinger, Raegan Kelly
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"Also, the dual scrolling format, while interesting and innovative, is confusing in terms of experiencing the work and navigating the site."
- B N, Los Angeles, 10.9.2007
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Slavery's Ephemera
Judith Jackson Fossett, Erik Loyer
Excerpt from most recent thread:
"The initial page, a map/trail leading from Oaklawn to New Orleans, drew me into the texts and images."
- Vanessa Vobis, Santa Rosa, CA, 5.22.2006
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The Agrippa Files
Agrippa Files Editorial Team
Excerpt from peer response:
"Still, I am wondering if there had been more exciting and experimental strategies available to draw more people to the original Agrippa? I doubt this will do it."
- Huhtamo Erkki, UCLA, 4.20.2006
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