10 times the US Capital weathered political violence

10 times the US Capital weathered political violence

Washington, D.C., is home to the nation’s capital, as well as the aptly named Capitol building where the U.S. Senate and House create, debate and pass bills and help to govern the country. On Wednesday (Jan. 6), a mob of supporters for President Donald Trump, who falsely claimed he had won the election, stormed the Capitol building. But this isn’t the first time the capital of the U.S. has seen political violence. From violent attacks on politicians, to a raging fire, to explosions, to indiscriminate shooting, Washington D.C. has seen its share of darkness. 

1. Burning of Washington 

(Image credit: Library of Congress)

During the War of 1812 against Britain, invading troops marched into Washington, D.C., and set the U.S. Capitol ablaze on Aug. 24, 1814, according to the U.S. Senate’s historical highlights. The British soldiers also set fire to the President’s Mansion and other U.S. landmarks with torches and gunpowder paste, leaving the capital city in ruins. 

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