13 disturbing Halloween horrors come to life

13 disturbing Halloween horrors come to life

Real-life Halloween horrors

Halloween is a ghoulish time of year, when people tell ghost stories about werewolves, black cats, zombies and vampires.

Some of these creepy tales have leaped from the realm of the mythical into real life: humans who felt as though they were transforming into wolves, a man who not only drank his blood but also the blood of complete strangers, and a woman who got an exorcism after she saw disturbing faces circling her.

Here’s the science behind 10 particularly disturbing Halloween horrors that have come to life.

1. Tears of blood

People who have tears of blood probably don’t look this frightening, but this Halloween, so we’re letting our imagination run wild. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

It sounds like a scary Halloween costume: A man with bloody tears pouring down his face. But for one man in Italy, such tears were the real thing; the result of a rare condition that causes people to cry blood.

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