Fundamental constants place a new speed limit on sound

Sound has a speed limit. Under normal circumstances, its waves can travel no faster than about 36 kilometers per second, physicists propose October 9 in Science Advances. Sound zips along at different rates in different materials — moving faster in water than in air for example. But under conditions found naturally on Earth, no material […]

50 years ago, scientists were looking for ways to predict earthquakes

Warnings from the wells — Science News, October 10, 1970 Seismologists are studying ways to predict the occurrence of earthquakes…. One possibility … is to monitor subterranean fluid pressures.… Fluctuations in the production rates of oil, gas and water wells are often associated with earthquakes, and sometimes precede them soon enough to provide some warning. […]

Nanomaterials for enhanced fiberoptic cables

New hybrid optical fibers contain 2D materials that enhance light-matter interactions and open doors for a range of new technological advancements. Image credit: Jens Meyer (University of Jena) The interaction between light and matter has led to numerous, ground-breaking scientific advances in the past several years from enhanced optical communications — faster internet and data […]