A study indicates that hair loss might be prevented by regulating stem cell metabolism

Hair follicle stem cells, which promote hair growth, can prolong their life by switching their metabolic state. In experiments conducted with mice, a research group active in Helsinki and Cologne, Germany, has demonstrated that a protein called Rictor holds a key role in the process. The study was published in the Cell Metabolism journal. […]

NASA announces eight-nation space coalition under ‘Artemis Accords’

While NASA is leading the Artemis program, it has emphasized the need for international partnerships in building up a sustainable presence on the Moon, something the agency views as key for building up its expertise ahead of a human mission to Mars NASA announced on Tuesday that eight countries have signed an international agreement called […]

Glowing brains, fish embryos and a snail tongue taste success in microscopy photo contest

A vibrant, blue-and-orange hued photo highlighting the tiny vessels in and around the brain of a young zebrafish won first place in the Nikon Small World photography contest, an annual competition showcasing photos of our world at the microscopic level, Nikon representatives announced today (Oct. 13). In this jaw-dropping image, lymphatic vessels in the fish’s […]

Your dog’s brain doesn’t care about your face

Lots of dog owners love to gaze at their pups’ faces. But that fascination may be a one-way street, at least in the brain. Dogs’ brains aren’t especially impressed by faces, either those of other dogs, or of people, a new study suggests. People’s brains are exquisitely tuned into faces, and the wealth of information […]

American Pikas show resiliency in the face of global warming — ScienceDaily

The American pika is a charismatic, diminutive relative of rabbits that some researchers say is at high risk of extinction due to climate change. Pikas typically live in cool habitats, often in mountains, under rocks and boulders. Because pikas are sensitive to high temperatures, some researchers predict that, as the Earth’s temperature rises, pikas will […]

Extensive Chemical Safety Fraud Uncovered at German Testing Laboratory

monkey subject at LPT Hamburg

by Jonathan Latham, PhD (Please note: this article contains disturbing content) The case of an animal rights activist who infiltrated an independent German chemical testing laboratory has triggered the discovery of an apparently extensive chemical testing fraud. LPT Hamburg, with around 175 employees, is one of the largest contract laboratories in Germany. It is a […]

Bat Guano Traces Changes in Agriculture and Hurricane Activity

Ice cores and tree rings are natural record keepers. Now, researchers have used a complementary but potentially stinkier data set—bat guano—to peer into the past. After analyzing bits of pollen in excrement found in two caves in Jamaica, scientists believe they’ve pinpointed changes in agricultural production and hurricane activity. Into the Depths On […]

Amazon Prime Day deals that deserve a spotlight

On Oct. 13 and 14, Amazon’s 48-hour Prime Day event will offer thousands of deals across every category, including savings on electronics, home goods, personal care items, and exercise equipment. All you’ll need to make the most of the sale is a Prime subscription ($12.99 monthly or $119 for the year) and a guide to […]

New 3-D model of a DNA-regulating complex in human cells provides cancer clues

Scientists have created an unprecedented 3-dimensional structural model of a key molecular “machine” known as the BAF complex, which modifies DNA architecture and is frequently mutated in cancer and some other diseases. The researchers, led by Cigall Kadoch, PhD, of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, have reported the first 3-D structural “picture” of BAF complexes purified directly […]

Pandemic forces youth climate activists to save the planet on Zoom

Credit: CC0 Public Domain It was just a year ago when Kevin Patel stood before a cheering climate change rally in New York and proclaimed that his generation would be the one to change the fate of the planet. The 20-year-old South Los Angeles local was one of millions who had taken to the streets […]