Remdesivir doesn’t reduce COVID-19 deaths, a large WHO trial finds

Remdesivir, an antiviral drug that was the first found to combat COVID-19, doesn’t reduce deaths from the disease, a large international study found. The World Health Organization’s Solidarity trial, which combined data from 405 hospitals in 30 countries, randomly assigned more than 11,000 people hospitalized with COVID-19 to receive one of four drugs or standard […]

Megadrought Caused Yellowstone’s Old Faithful to Run Dry

Yellowstone’s most famous geyser, Old Faithful, has erupted with an unusual degree of regularity since records were first taken, in the 1870s, discharging thousands of gallons of boiling, silica-rich water over 30 meters into the air an average of 16 times a day. Scientists studying fossilized wood samples buried and preserved by the […]

How mystery flavors confuse our taste buds

The candymaker receives heaps of fan theories every day—from tart lemon to smooth vanilla—but no one has gotten it right. Today, only a few dozen people know the secret identity; the rest of us have to settle for simpler certitudes. The tang of citric acid makes White Mystery undeniably fruity, and a mixture of sugar […]

A new strategy for siRNA stabilization by an artificial cationic oligosaccharide

IMAGE: ODAGal4 strongly stabilises duplex structures of siRNAs, particularly nucleotides with phosphorothioate linkages, and prevents degradation of the RNAs. view more  Credit: TMIMS RNA interference is a gene regulatory mechanism in which the expression of specific genes is downregulated by endogenous microRNAs or by small interfering RNAs (siRNAs). Although siRNAs have broad potential for gene-silencing therapy, […]

Order up! AI finds the right material

Material representations that are compatible with machine learning models play a key role in developing models that exhibit high accuracy for property prediction. Credit: College of Engineering Engineers are always looking for materials with very specific properties for their projects. Unfortunately, there are way too many options for researchers to simply guess-and-check until they find […]

Warm pasta helps hot, angry neutron stars cool down

Neutron stars are the angry ghosts of giant stars: hot, whirling cores of exotic matter left behind after supernovas. Like thermoses filled with hot noodle soup, it takes eons for them to cool down. But now, researchers think they know how these stars do it: with a giant helping of pasta. No, these ultradense stellar […]

Here’s what we know about using supplements to fight COVID-19

Consumers have long turned to vitamins and herbs to try to protect themselves from disease. This pandemic is no different — especially with headlines that scream “This supplement could save you from coronavirus.” It also helps to have celebrity enthusiasts. When President Donald Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, his pill arsenal included Vitamin D and […]

When honey flows faster than water — ScienceDaily

It’s widely known that thick, viscous liquids — like honey — flow more slowly than low-viscosity liquids, like water. Researchers were surprised to find this behaviour flipped on its head when the liquids flow through chemically coated capillaries. In fact, through these specially coated tubes, liquids a thousand times more viscous flow ten times faster. […]

Groove is in the Fault

Continental transform fault system seismicity is variable in space and time. Geometrical complexity appears to be a factor, with more mature faults showing fewer small earthquakes, and less complex slip. Such analysis may allow inferences on fault loading, and how wholesale ruptures propagate. Laboratory studies of roughness evolution are usually confined to small […]