Surrey is leading the way in perovskite tandem solar cells

Scientists from the University of Surrey have revealed the significant improvements they are making in perovskite-based solar cells. Perovskite solar cells have shown significant potential in reaching the efficiency limit of the widely used solar cells currently on the market by absorbing light in a broader range of wavelengths. Industry has also been paying close […]

US spacecraft sampling asteroid for return

This undated image made available by NASA shows the asteroid Bennu from the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. After almost two years circling the ancient asteroid, OSIRIS-REx will attempt to descend to the treacherous, boulder-packed surface and snatch a handful of rubble on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2020. (NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona/CSA/York/MDA via AP) After almost two years circling an […]

How is STEM children’s programming prioritizing diversity? — ScienceDaily

Children’s television programming not only shapes opinions and preferences, its characters can have positive or negative impacts on childhood aspiration, says a new study from Michigan State University. The study is the first large-scale analysis of characters featured in science, technology, engineering and math-related educational programming. It was published in the fall 2020 edition of […]

Membranes for capturing carbon dioxide from the air

IMAGE: Technological solutions for the CO2 emission into the atmosphere should include variety of approaches as there is no one “silver bullet ” solution. In this work researchers from I2CNER, Kyushu University… view more  Credit: Kyushu University Climate change caused by emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is a most important issue for our society. […]

Plan to retrieve Titanic radio spurs debate on human remains

This 2004 image provided by the University of Rhode Island’s Institute for Exploration and Center for Archaeological Oceanography and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Ocean Exploration shows the shoes of one of the possible victims of the Titanic disaster. A company’s plan to retrieve the Titanic’s radio has sparked a debate over […]

Long-term data show a recent acceleration in chemical and physical changes in the ocean — ScienceDaily

New research published in Nature Communications Earth & Environment uses data from two sustained open-ocean hydrographic stations in the North Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda to demonstrate recent changes in ocean physics and chemistry since the 1980s. The study shows decadal variability and recent acceleration of surface warming, salinification, deoxygenation, and changes in carbon dioxide (CO2)-carbonate […]

Non-obese Vietnamese Americans are 60% more likely to have diabetes

A new study has found that Vietnamese-American adults who were not obese were 60% more likely to have diabetes than non-obese, non-Hispanic, White Americans, after accounting for age, sex, sociodemographic factors, smoking history and exercise level. Overall, only 9% of Vietnamese Americans with diabetes in the study were obese — defined as having a body […]

Natural nanodiamonds in oceanic rocks

The fluid inclusions inside the olivine contain nanodiamonds, apart from serpentine, magnetite, metallic silicon and pure methane. Credit: University of Barcelona Natural diamonds can form through low pressure and temperature geological processes on Earth, as stated in an article published in the journal Geochemical Perspectives Letters. The newfound mechanism, far from the classic view on […]

Red maples doing better in the city — ScienceDaily

A team of researchers have examined whether urban red maples — a resilient native tree known to thrive in urban environments — acclimate to environmental shifts and whether that response is impacted by the size of the city. They found that trees in larger cities are actually healthier and more productive than those in less […]