The Grantecan finds the farthest black hole that belongs to a rare family of galaxies

IMAGE: Black-hole-powered galaxies called blazars are extremely rare. As matter falls toward the supermassive black hole at the galaxy’s center, some of it is accelerated outward at nearly the speed of… view more  Credit: M. Weiss/CfA Only a small fraction of the galaxies emits gamma rays, which is the most extreme form of light. Astronomers believe […]

Cucurbit downy mildew pathogen has two genetically distinct host-adapted clades

Field work in North Carolina Credit: E. C. Wallace, K. N. D’Arcangelo, and L. M. Quesada-Ocampo Cucurbit downy mildew is a devastating disease for the United States cucurbit industry, which includes cucumbers, watermelon, squash, and pumpkin. The disease has caused major losses in North Carolina, which has significant cucumber and watermelon acreage. To help growers […]

Researchers revamp famous alien-hunting equation to predict spread of COVID-19

A famous equation used in the search for alien life has inspired a new model that estimates the odds of COVID-19 transmission. The new model — which is essentially a single equation with several terms multiplied together — estimates the risk of COVID-19 transmission through the air. The researchers were motivated in their work by […]

Xplore Quarterly Update – Xplore Life Science

Xplore Life Science presents our Quarterly update. Our valuable insights and trends to help form future decisions across the industry. We’ve recognized a definite increase in Medical Affairs Talent actively seeking employment, but through our research, we understand that rare talent continues to be hard to find, due to risk elements of moving jobs. At […]

Torrential Rains and Poor Forecasts Sink Panama’s Infrastructure

December 2010 was the wettest month on record in Panama. So much rain fell so quickly that flooding was widespread across the country. One storm on 7–8 December of that year affected water intake at the Chilibre water treatment plant, leaving Panama City—the capital and largest city in the country—without clean water for […]

Has technology made us worse hunters?

A petroglyph depicting a hunt, near Moab, Utah. (design pics inc/alamy/) Henry Bunn is a professor at the University of Wisconsin who studies African paleoanthropology and ancient hunting practices. This story originally featured on Outdoor Life. It’s November, opening morning of firearms deer season in Wisconsin. I’m in my treestand just inside the woods, above […]

Small mussels in the Baltic are getting even smaller

IMAGE: Blue mussels in the Baltic Sea are getting smaller with time but bigger in numbers, according to a new study from Stockholm University. Analyzing data from the last 24 years,… view more  Credit: Thomas Tranåker Blue mussels in the Baltic Sea are getting smaller with time but bigger in numbers, according to a new study […]

Surprisingly mature galaxies in the early universe

Mosaic showing some of the galaxies observed by ALMA. The bright yellow regions are those where the most stars are forming (the ionised carbon (C+) line makes it possible to see the formation of stars obscured by dust). The second image from the left in the top row shows a triple merger. Credit: Michele Ginolfi/ALPINE […]

Zombie Diet: 10 Real-Life Examples of Humans Eating Humans

In any zombie horror story, the undead human corpses roam the world in their hunt for human flesh. Now, we know zombies aren’t real, but human cannibalism is far from fictional. Here are 10 real-life examples of human flesh-eaters that are just about as horrifying as zombies. 1. Our prehistoric ancestors Cannibalism goes way, way […]