Ancient marine predator had a built-in float

An illustration of Brevicaudosaurus. Credit: Tyler Stone BA ’19, art and cinema; see his website About 240 million years ago, when reptiles ruled the ocean, a small lizard-like predator floated near the bottom of the edges in shallow water, picking off prey with fang-like teeth. A short and flat tail, used for balance, helps […]

How Hurricane Zeta rapidly strengthened before slamming New Orleans

Hurricane Zeta wasn’t supposed to be this bad.  On Saturday (Oct. 24), National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecasters looking at the weather system — called Tropical Depression Twenty Eight — wrote that it would likely become a tropical storm, but that cool waters in the Gulf of Mexico made further strengthening unlikely. Now, it’s Wednesday (Oct. […]

Geomagnetic Storms Probably Don’t Cause Mass Cetacean Strandings

Some coastal regions experience repeated episodes in which cetaceans such as whales and dolphins strand themselves on beaches and shorelines, sometimes by the hundreds. A variety of causes have been suggested for these events, which remain a mystery in marine biology, from the use of active sonar by the military to interactions with […]

This robotic hawk can shape-shift as it flies

The LisHawk. (Enrico Ajanic, EPFL/) Drones are common enough that it’s easy to picture their basic design variations. Fixed-wing drones look like miniature airplanes. Others use propellers—typically four of them—to pull themselves up into the sky, kind of like helicopters. A few drones combine those ideas by using props to get off the ground and […]

Specific and rapid expansion of blood vessels

IMAGE: (A,B) in vivo image of growing artery (yellow arrowhead) in control scenario (A) and upon growth factor stimulation (B). (C,D) Confocal image of arterial blood flow (red) and arterial endothelial… view more  Credit: ZOO, KIT Upon a heart infarct or stroke, rapid restoration of blood flow, and oxygen delivery to the hypo perfused regions is […]

Trump lifts protections for Tongass National Forest, allowing logging, road development

President Donald Trump will strip Alaska’s Tongass National Forest from protections put in place nearly two decades ago, opening up millions of acres of pristine wilderness to road development and logging, according to a notice from the U.S. Department of Agriculture posted on Wednesday (Oct. 28).  The Tongass, which covers most of southeast Alaska, is […]

Podcast: Mythical Monsters and Their Real-Life Inspirations

  Throughout history, stories have been told about fantastical creatures that spark the imagination. From Bigfoot to the Loch Ness Monster, from mermaids to the Kraken, tales of supposed firsthand accounts have been passed down through generations. Although there is no evidence backing the existence of these creatures, either in present day or at […]