Social distancing is increasing loneliness in older adults

IMAGE: Professor Anna Whittaker view more  Credit: University of Stirling Social distancing introduced in response to COVID-19 is increasing feelings of loneliness in Scotland’s older population and impacting their wellbeing, according to a new University of Stirling study. The research has identified a link between increases in loneliness in over 60s and the worsening of wellbeing […]

Amazon fires cause Brazil’s CO2 emissions to jump amid pandemic

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Forest fires have sent carbon dioxide emissions soaring in Brazil over the past two years, undermining efforts by the government of President Jair Bolsonaro to restore the country’s environmental credentials. Emissions jumped 10% in 2019, Bolsonaro’s first year in office, following a decade of small declines or stagnation, according to a […]

US tops 10 million coronavirus cases

The United States reached an astonishing milestone today (Nov. 9): 10 million total coronavirus cases have been diagnosed since the start of the pandemic, with case counts accelerating dramatically in recent weeks. The country’s total now stands at just over 10 million, according to Johns Hopkins University. It took just 10 days for the country […]

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is 90% effective, preliminary data show

The race to greenlight a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States has entered its final sprint, with one leading candidate becoming the first to release preliminary results showing its vaccine is more than 90 percent effective at preventing people from getting sick from the coronavirus. The long-awaited announcement came in a Nov. 9 news release […]

Seven pathways to kindergarten identified in one state — ScienceDaily

A new study of kindergarteners in one Midwestern state identified seven different pathways the children took in their early education and care before arriving at school. The researchers were surprised by the diverse experiences that kids brought with them to kindergarten: While some received care only in their home or mainly in a child care […]

A Juno Era Model of the Jovian Magnetosphere

Jupiter creates the solar system’s most powerful planetary magnetic field, and understanding its region of influence, called the magnetosphere, is vital to nearly all observations of the Jovian system. The first estimates of Jupiter’s magnetosphere were developed in anticipation of the first spacecraft flybys in the 1970s. The 1979 visits by the dual […]

The CDC released a COVID-19 test knowing it had a high failure rate

Children have a lower immune response to the coronavirus. (Kelly Sikkema/) It’s been a big week for coronavirus news. The US saw record-breaking numbers of COVID-19 infections, with single-day numbers crossing 100,000 several times over the course of the week. Pfizer announced this morning that their coronavirus vaccine is 90 percent effective based on initial […]

Hollow porphyrinic nanospheres | EurekAlert! Science News

Famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí once said, “Anything created by human beings is already in the great book of nature.” Among different man-made architectures and art, spherical structures and shapes have been the most fantastical geometrical form that fascinated the figments of the human imagination. Making perfect spherical architectures is challenging due to their geometric […]

Trial COVID-19 vaccine shown to be 90% effective

Pfizer and BioNTech announce vaccine candidate against COVID-19 achieved success in first interim analysis from Phase 3 study. Image credit: NCI A potential vaccine candidate currently being developed by Pfizer and German partner BioNTech has been found to be 90% effective in people with no evidence of prior infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The pharmaceutical […]

Antiferromagnets are suitable for dissipationless nanoelectronics, contrary to current theories

Electrons (gray wave packets) in antiferromagnetic (left) and nonmagnetic (middle) crystals move along the applied electric current (right). The combination of antiferromagnetic and nonmagnetic atoms (right) generates surprisingly transverse Hall motion of the electron. In the left and right panels, the blue and red shadings mark the positive and negative magnetization densities. Credit: Libor Šmejkal […]