Predicting colorectal cancer risk among average risk persons

IMAGE: Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University School of Medicine research scientists led by Thomas Imperiale, M.D., have developed and tested one of the first U.S.-based models to predict personal risk for… view more  Credit: Regenstrief Institute INDIANAPOLIS – Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University School of Medicine research scientists have developed and tested one of the first […]

Making 3D nanosuperconductors with DNA

Complex 3D nanoscale architectures based on DNA self-assembly can conduct electricity without resistance and may provide a platform for fabricating quantum computing and sensing devices. Image credit: Peggy Macro Pixabay Three-dimensional (3-D) nanostructured materials–those with complex shapes at a size scale of billionths of a meter–that can conduct electricity without resistance could be used in […]

Researchers 3-D print biomedical parts with supersonic speed

This image shows cells adhering to a titanium alloy created by cold-spray 3D printing, which demonstrates the material’s biocompatibility. Credit: Cornell University Forget glue, screws, heat or other traditional bonding methods. A Cornell University-led collaboration has developed a 3-D printing technique that creates cellular metallic materials by smashing together powder particles at supersonic speed. This […]

Alien-like photo shows snake eel dangling out of heron’s stomach in midair

A snake eel fighting for its life pulled an “alien” move by bursting out of the stomach of a heron that had just swallowed it whole, according to photos snapped by an amateur photographer in Delaware. The photos show the snake eel, its head dangling in midair, as the heron — looking surprisingly unbothered — […]

A new portable device can reveal a chili pepper’s heat

Just how hot is your chili pepper? A new chili-shaped device could quickly signal whether adding the pepper to a meal might set your mouth ablaze. Called the Chilica-pod, the device detects capsaicin, a chemical compound that helps give peppers their sometimes painful kick. In general, the more capsaicin a pepper has, the hotter it […]

Students Learn New Skills with Scientist-in-Training Programs

Dozens of researchers preparing to present their findings at one of the world’s largest scientific meetings are just teenagers. They’re part of AGU’s Bright Students Training as Research Scientists (Bright STaRS) program, which affords middle and high school students a unique opportunity to stand in the shoes of professional scientists at AGU’s Fall […]

Follow along with Apple’s last 2020 product announcement event

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Printable ink guides cell growth, offers nerve injury hope

IMAGE: A magnified image show neurons growing in a line along the printable bioconductive ink. view more  Credit: RMIT University Researchers have developed a neuron-growing ink that uses the body’s own electrical signals to precisely guide the growth of nerve cells. The bioconductive ink can be printed in lines to direct where neurons grow, cracking a […]