A few kilograms weight loss nearly halves the risk of diabetes — ScienceDaily

Losing a few kilograms in weight almost halves people’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes — according to a large scale research study led by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and the University of East Anglia. A new study published in the international journal JAMA Internal Medicine shows how providing support to help people […]

History of temperature changes in the Universe revealed

IMAGE: Computer simulation of the evolution of the large-scale structure (bottom) and the temperature (top) of the Universe. The time flows from the left to the right panels, with the rightmost… view more  Credit: D. Nelson / Illustris Collaboration. How hot is the Universe today? How hot was it before? A new study by an international […]

SpaceX aims for night crew launch, Musk sidelined by virus

From left to right: NASA astronauts Shannon Walker, Victor Glover and Mike Hopkins, and Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi, seen November 8 2020 SpaceX aimed for a Sunday night launch of four astronauts to the International Space Station, although the prospects of good weather were just 50-50 and its leader was sidelined by COVID-19. Vice President […]

This interactive tool figures out your COVID-19 risk of attending an event

Planning to attend an event but unsure of the COVID-19 risk, and if you should go at all? There’s an evidence-based interactive web tool that can help. Developed by researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology and simple in its design, the online tool uses data updated daily to estimate the chance that one or more people at an […]

New green materials could power smart devices using ambient light — ScienceDaily

We are increasingly using more smart devices like smartphones, smart speakers, and wearable health and wellness sensors in our homes, offices, and public buildings. However, the batteries they use can deplete quickly and contain toxic and rare environmentally damaging chemicals, so researchers are looking for better ways to power the devices. One way to power […]

A novel monoclonal antibody therapy cuts LDL cholesterol by half in a high-risk patient population,

The investigational drug evinacumab reduced low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol–the so-called “bad” cholesterol–by 50 percent in patients with severe hypercholesterolemia whose condition is resistant to standard treatments, a phase 2 study from the Icahn School of Medicine of Mount Sinai and other global academic sites has found. Results from the study sponsored by Regeneron, are being […]

Egypt’s Siwa fortress renovation boosts hopes for ecotourism

The 13th century edifice, called ‘Shali’ or ‘home’ in the local Siwi language, was built by Berber populations Tucked away in Egypt’s Western Desert, the Shali fortress once protected inhabitants against the incursions of wandering tribes, but now there are hopes its renovation will attract ecotourists. The 13th-century edifice, called “Shali” or “home” in the […]

Supernova explosions may have helped shape Earth’s climate history

Star explosions may have played a greater role in Earth’s climate history than scientists thought. Nearby supernovas have left a series of possible fingerprints in the tree-ring record here on Earth over the past 40,000 years, potentially disrupting our planet’s climate multiple times over this span, a new study reports. “These are extreme events, and […]

‘Egg-cess’ consumption linked to diabetes — ScienceDaily

Scrambled, poached or boiled, eggs are a popular breakfast food the world over. Yet the health benefits of the humble egg might not be all they’re cracked up to be as new research from the University of South Australia shows that excess egg consumption can increase your risk of diabetes. Conducted in partnership with the […]

Eight reasons COVID-19 has hit veterans particularly hard

National guard members salute a veteran who died from COVID-19 at the Javits Center field hospital in New York City. (Maj. Patrick Cordova/U.S. Air National Guard/) Jamie Rowen is an associate professor of Legal Studies and Political Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst. The story originally featured on The Conversation. As the nation takes a day […]