Huge eruption of Italian volcano sends ash hundreds of feet into the air

An explosion on the slopes of Stromboli sent an avalanche of pyroclastic flow rushing down the side of the Italian volcano on Monday (Nov. 16).  The stronger-than-usual explosion was captured on cameras operated by the Istituto Nazionale Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV). Imagery shared by Il Mondo dei Terremoti on Twitter shows the eruption in real-time; […]

Planets with many neighbors may be the best places to look for life

If you’re looking for life beyond the solar system, there’s strength in numbers. A new study suggests that systems with multiple planets tend to have rounder orbits than those with just one, indicating a calmer family history. Only child systems and planets with more erratic paths hint at past planetary sibling clashes violent enough to […]

Data Sets Are Foundational to Research. Why Don’t We Cite Them?

Scientific researchers are instructed from the very beginning of their training about the importance of citing previously published literature and carefully documenting methods. We are taught that this corroborating information forms a solid foundation on which to rest our claims and conclusions. Citing data sets in the same manner, however, is another story. […]

Take a stab at spearfishing with these tips

A successful spearfisherman kicks to the surface with a hefty striper. (peter correale/) This story originally featured on Outdoor Life. I still remember the first fish I speared like you remember your first deer. As I broke through a murky surface layer of river water into the blue gulf water beneath, I was greeted by […]

Orbits of ancient stars prompt rethink on Milky Way evolution

IMAGE: Representation of the orbit of the star 232121.57-160505.4 in the Galactocentric cartesian frame, colour coded according to the time. The white dot represents the current position of the star. The… view more  Credit: Cordoni et al Theories on how the Milky Way formed are set to be rewritten following discoveries about the behaviour of some […]

Biomaterials researchers should include sex-based differences

In a survey of biomaterials articles that included cell culture experiments, only 3.7% of studies reported the sex of the cells. When graduate student Bryan James at the University of Florida in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering set out to study the sex differences of vascular cells in response to biomaterial properties, he […]

Clear temporal delimitations for amber, copal and resin aid in studies of biodiversity loss

Copal from the Holocene in Colombia with enclosed insects and plant remains. Credit: Senckenberg/Solórzano-Kraemer In a study published today in the Nature journal Scientific Reports, Senckenberg scientist Mónica Solórzano-Kraemer defines specific time periods for the terms amber, copal, and resin. Together with researchers from the Universitat de Barcelona, the Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, […]

Moderna coronavirus vaccine is 94.5% effective, early results suggest

Moderna’s experimental coronavirus vaccine is 94.5% effective in protecting against infection with the coronavirus, according to early data released by the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company Monday (Nov. 16).  This comes a week after Pfizer’s announcement that its vaccine is more than 90% effective, Live Science previously reported.Though the clinical trials from both companies are still in […]

Moderna says its COVID-19 vaccine is nearly 95 percent effective

On the heels of the preliminary success of one COVID-19 vaccine in the United States, another leading vaccine candidate is showing promise. Preliminary results indicate that Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine is nearly 95 percent effective in preventing sickness, including severe cases of the disease, the biotechnology company announced November 16.  “This is a pivotal moment in […]