Studies explore fluids in pancakes, beer, and the kitchen sink

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Mechanical engineer Roberto Zenit spent the summer of 2019 trying to solve a problem that now plagues science departments around the world: How can hands-on fluid dynamics experiments, usually carried out in well-stocked lab rooms, be moved off campus? Since the pandemic hit, leading researchers like Zenit have found creative ways […]

Man’s ‘heart attack’ was really side effect from swallowed battery

When a man arrived at the emergency room, it looked to doctors like he was having a heart attack. But that was a false alarm: The man had actually swallowed a battery that messed with his electrocardiogram (EKG), a measure of the heart’s electrical activity, according to a new report of the case.  Once doctors […]

Lonely brains crave people like hungry brains crave food

A hungry brain craves food. A lonely brain craves people. After spending a day completely isolated from anyone else, people’s brains perked up at the sight of social gatherings, like a hungry person’s brain seeing food, scientists report November 23 in Nature Neuroscience. Cognitive neuroscientist Livia Tomova, then at MIT, and her colleagues had 40 […]

PEDSnet report details how COVID-19 pandemic has affected children — ScienceDaily

In the most comprehensive analysis to date of U.S. children tested and treated for COVID-19, an organization representing seven of the nation’s largest pediatric medical centers reports that some groups of children are faring significantly worse than children in general during the pandemic. Findings from the PEDSnet organization — which includes Cincinnati Children’s — were […]

A Slippery Slope: Could Climate Change Lead to More Landslides?

On 10 August 2020, the Grizzly Creek Fire started to sweep through the steep, wooded slopes of Glenwood Canyon in Colorado. Sparks from a vehicle traveling along Interstate 70 are believed to be the cause of the raging forest fire. The fire blazed into October, shutting down the major interstate through the Rocky […]

Gifts to make eating at home feel like dining out

Dining in doesn’t have to be so drab. (Jessica FadelUnsplash/) In these humdrum at-home pandemic days, scarfing out of a pizza box or slurping wonton soup from a plastic container is the closest most of us get to a safe restaurant experience. But sometimes you need to spruce things up. Dressing up the table, stretching […]

Not just lizards – alligators can regrow their tails too

American alligators are about as close to dinosaurs as you can get in modern times, and can grow up to 14 feet in length. While much smaller reptiles such as lizards are able to regenerate their tails, the question of whether the much larger alligator is able to regrow their massive tails has not been […]

Best Black Friday board game deals for kids who love science

Research has shown that play is not just an big part of a child’s development but also their education. Simple yet creative STEM toys such as building blocks are ideal for early development, but for older children (ages 8 and up), more complex games that require following rules, counting spaces and reading playing cards are […]

Oxford, AstraZeneca say COVID-19 vaccine up to 90 percent effective

A COVID-19 vaccine made by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford appears to prevent illness and may cut down on transmission of the coronavirus. In studies of more than 22,000 people in the United Kingdom and Brazil, the vaccine was 90 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 when people got a half dose of the vaccine […]

Shift in atmospheric rivers could affect Antarctic sea ice, glaciers — ScienceDaily

Weather systems responsible for transporting moisture from the tropics to temperate regions in the Southern Hemisphere have been gradually shifting toward the South Pole for the past 40 years, a trend which could lead to increased rates of ice melt in Antarctica, according to new research. Atmospheric rivers are long, narrow jets of air that […]