Effect of odor on helpfulness in rats — ScienceDaily

Despite their reputation, rats are surprisingly sociable and actually regularly help each other out with tasks. Researchers at the Universities of Göttingen, Bern and St Andrews have now shown that a rat just has to smell the scent of another rat that is engaged in helpful behaviour to increase his or her own helpfulness. This […]

Breaking Down The Life-Sciences Glass Ceiling

Let’s be completely honest here, the life-science industry is one which is still predominately filled with men. While of course there is nothing wrong with this, it cannot be denied that women are simply not as commonly found working in this industry. There are quite a few speculated reasons for this, ranging from a lack […]

Geociencias Comprometidas con la Justicia Racial. Ahora Tenemos Trabajo que Hacer

This is an authorized translation of an Eos article. Esta es una traducción al español autorizada de un artículo de Eos. Millones de voces alrededor del mundo han amplificado la exigencia por justicia racial a raíz de los asesinatos de George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Dion Johnson, Ahmaud Arbery y el incontable número de personas negras […]

The key to getting people to stick to COVID quarantines? Shorten them.

The CDC is considering shortening the amount of time they recommend people quarantine for COVID-19 and introduce testing into the quarantine procedure. (Unsplash/) The Centers for Disease Control’s mandated COVID-19 quarantine that we’ve come to know and dread this past year may be changing soon. The CDC has given indications that it plans to shorten […]

Towards 6G wireless communication networks: vision, enabling technologies, and new paradigm shifts

IMAGE: An overview of 6G wireless communication networks view more  Credit: ©Science China Press The fifth generation (5G) wireless communication networks are being deployed worldwide from 2020 and more capabilities are in the process of being standardized, such as mass connectivity, ultra-reliability, and guaranteed low latency. However, 5G will not meet all requirements of the future […]

Researchers develop open-source optical toolbox

The open-source 3D-printed cube can host self-designed inserts, electrical and optical components. The resulting modules can be combined to form complex optical instruments. This allows the smartphone to be transformed into a powerful microscope in no time at all — and at almost any place on earth — in order to pose and answer completely […]

Here are the most promising coronavirus vaccine candidates out there

Editor’s Note: This story was updated on Nov. 25. Using materials from weakened cold viruses to snippets of genetic code, scientists around the world are creating dozens of unique vaccine candidates to fight the novel coronavirus — and they’re doing it at unprecedented speeds. It’s not known exactly when the virus hopped from animals to […]

Coronavirus lockdowns don’t need to be all or nothing

We were warned this might happen. While millions stayed home last spring, looking to summer for respite from the virus, experts worried that an even larger fall surge was around the corner. We’ve rounded that corner. As cases and hospitalizations reach record levels across Europe and the United States, leaders are being forced to make […]

Community conservation reserves protect fish diversity in tropical rivers — ScienceDaily

Prohibiting fishing in conservation reserves is a common strategy for protecting ocean ecosystems and enhancing fisheries management. However, such dedicated reserves are rare in freshwater ecosystems, where conservation efforts generally piggyback on the protection of terrestrial habitats and species. Now, a collaboration between researchers from Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison has found that […]

What Does A Candidate-Led Market Mean For Your Life Science Business?

For those unaware, a candidate-led market is essentially when there are less qualified individuals running for one position. This means that the employer only has a choice of a few candidates. There are both downsides and upsides to this form of market. But what does it mean for your life science business? A life science […]