King of flexibility — ScienceDaily

Octopuses have the most flexible appendages known in nature, according to a new study in Scientific Reports. In addition to being soft and strong, each of the animal’s eight arms can bend, twist, elongate and shorten in many combinations to produce diverse movements. But to what extent can they do so, and is each arm […]

Modeling Groundwater and Crop Production in the U.S. High Plains

An international team of more than 2 dozen researchers has found a novel approach to modeling groundwater levels and crop production to forecast future resource availability and yields. The model the researchers developed was inspired by ecology’s Lotka-Volterra equations, a mathematical explanation for the cyclical population dynamics of predator and prey species. “We […]

Apple’s MagSafe Duo charger is convenient but pricey

The flexible hinge in the middle allows you to fold it in half for transport. (Stan Horaczek /) Any gadget promising to reduce the many-headed hydra of charging cables sprawling across a nightstand is worth checking out. Apple’s new MagSafe Duo charger does just that, funneling a single Lightning cable into magnetic chargers for both […]

Customized programming of human stem cells

IMAGE: Parallel conversion of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) into vascular, nerve and connective tissue cells: Three transgenic iPS lines, in each of which a different transcription factor can be activated,… view more  Credit: © Jesus Eduardo Rojo Arias und Volker Busskamp Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) have the potential to convert into a wide variety […]

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine is highly effective, final analysis shows

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine is 94.1% effective in preventing COVID-19 and 100% effective in preventing severe illness, according to final results announced by the company on Monday (Nov. 30). Moderna is also planning to file for an emergency use authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday.  The final analysis was based on […]

How ‘smell training’ could help overcome post-viral smell distortions — ScienceDaily

If you’ve been experiencing odour distortions after Covid-19, then ‘smell training’ could help you start smelling normally again — according to new research involving the University of East Anglia. Parosmia is a symptom where people experience strange and often unpleasant smell distortions. Instead of smelling a lemon you may smell rotting cabbage, or chocolate may […]

Exoplanet Earth: An Ultimate Selfie to Find Habitable Worlds

Twenty-five years after we discovered the first world orbiting another star, our exoplanet catalog numbers 4,301 and climbing. However, only about 51 exoplanets have been truly “seen.” This small collection of directly imaged worlds comprises a variety of stellar objects, from failed stars known as brown dwarfs to young Jupiter-like gas giants to […]

North America’s biggest salmon run may no longer be in danger

Sockeye salmon migrating up a riffle. (Jonny Armstrong /) This story originally featured on Outdoor Life. Last Wednesday the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced its rejection of the Pebble Limited Partnership’s permit application to develop a copper-molybdenum-gold mine in southwest Alaska. The proposed project would have been located 200 miles southwest of Anchorage, near […]

Unemployment insurance, health-related social needs, health care access, mental health during COVID-19 pandemic

What The Study Did: This observational study assessed whether receiving unemployment insurance is associated with lower health-related social needs, better health care access and better mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Authors: Seth A. Berkowitz, M.D., M.P.H., of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is the corresponding author. To access the embargoed study: Visit our […]

New procedure will reduce the need for rare metals in chemical synthesis

Tertiary alkylative cross-coupling of alkyl or aryl electrophiles. Credit: Kanazawa University Pharmaceuticals, plastics, and many other chemical products have transformed human life. To prepare these products, chemists often use a catalyst—frequently based on rare metals—at various points in their syntheses. Although rare-metal catalysts are incredibly useful, their limited supply means that their use is unsustainable […]