Drone catches Arecibo Observatory’s last moments

The exact moment of Arecibo Observatory’s final collapse — when the cables supporting its instrument platform broke — was caught on video by a drone doing a routine inspection flyby, according to a new video released by the observatory Thursday (Dec. 3).  The footage, taken just before 8 a.m. local time in Puerto Rico on […]

How Some Trees Survive the Summer Dry Season

An important component of Earth’s hydrologic cycle is transpiration—the movement of water through plants. Because transpiration affects near-surface temperatures, streamflows, and the productivity of ecosystems, understanding potential sources of subsurface moisture and how plants use them is crucial for developing accurate dynamic vegetation and land surface models. Our knowledge of these processes, however, […]

How the autonomous vehicle engineers at Ford are helping to make it safer to drive

Sponsored Content by: Individual sensors working in perfect harmony make driving safer and easier on urban and rural roads. *Preproduction computer-generated image shown. Available late 2020. (Ford/) Every year, driver-assistance technology grows more advanced. If you’ve driven a car made in the last few years, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced enhanced vision at nearly […]

New compact model for gene regulation in higher organisms

IMAGE: Kinetic scheme of the non-equilibrium model for a single binding site. view more  Credit: Rok Grah Although the DNA and its double-helix are one of the most familiar molecules of our time, our knowledge of how cells control what genes they want to express still is rather limited. In order to create, for example, an […]

How proteins find their place in the cell

Structure of the GET insertion machine (Get1 in blue, Get2 in orange and Get3 in light blue). A representative cryo-EM image of the complex is shown in the background. Credit: McDowell and Sinning (2020) Over a quarter of all proteins in a cell are found in the membrane, where they perform vital functions. To fulfill […]

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Updated Dec. 3 at 2:06 p.m. ET. How will you know if you have the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease?  People with COVID-19 can have asymptomatic, mild or severe disease. People who have fallen ill with the virus have reported a wide range of symptoms, according to The Centers for Disease Control and […]

Light-based quantum computer Jiuzhang achieves quantum supremacy

A new type of quantum computer has proven that it can reign supreme, too. A photonic quantum computer, which harnesses particles of light, or photons, performed a calculation that’s impossible for a conventional computer, researchers in China report online December 3 in Science. That milestone, known as quantum supremacy, has been met only once before, […]

Survey of the sky pushes the boundaries of what we know about the structure of our galaxy — ScienceDaily

Scientists from Cardiff University have helped produce a brand-new, three-dimensional survey of our galaxy, allowing them to peer into the inner structure and observe its star-forming processes in unprecedented detail. The large-scale survey, called SEDIGISM (Structure, Excitation and Dynamics of the Inner Galactic Interstellar Medium), has revealed a wide range of structures within the Milky […]

A Better Understanding of How the Sun Bends Light

In one of the most famous scientific experiments of the 20th century, Sir Arthur Eddington and others carefully watched the solar eclipse of 29 May 1919. Eddington found that the positions of stars that appeared near the eclipsed Sun seemed to have shifted by a tiny amount. The shifts were consistent with predictions […]