Hurricane Maria Killed Mangroves Months After Storm

When Hurricane Maria tore through the Caribbean in September 2017 as a category 5 storm, it destroyed livelihoods, infrastructure, and entire ecosystems. On the small island of Vieques, east of Puerto Rico, coastal mangrove forests were buffered from the initial onslaught of wind and seemed to survive. But after several months, huge numbers […]

10 winter survival tips everyone should know

If you’re trapped out here, you’ll need to use your brain to survive. (Thom Milkovic/Unsplash/) This story was originally featured on Outdoor Life. We’ve been fighting against the cold since the dawn of humanity and have had plenty of time to devise strategies that allow us to survive in frigid weather. We’ve also had ample […]

New fullerene crystal production method 50 times faster than predecessor

IMAGE: (a) Photo of produced FFMP on quarts plate and (b)-(d) scanning electron microscope images of samples. view more  Credit: Yokohama National University Researchers from Yokohama National University and the University of Electro-Communications in Japan have developed a highly efficient technique for producing a unique fullerene crystal, called fullerene finned-micropillar (FFMP), that is of significant use […]

Evapotranspiration in an arid environment

Evapotranspiration is an important process in the water cycle because it is responsible for 15% of the atmosphere’s water vapor. Without that input of water vapor, clouds could not form, and precipitation would never fall. It is the process by which water is transferred from the land to the atmosphere by evaporation from the soil […]

There’s a new coronavirus variant in the UK. Here’s what we know.

A new genetic variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has emerged in the United Kingdom, but it’s unlikely to threaten the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, scientists say. New “variants” of the coronavirus emerge as the virus makes copies of itself and picks up genetic mutations; the mutations in a given variant may or […]

people believe change is happening, support paying more for mitigation — ScienceDaily

Longstanding skepticism among Texans toward the climate movement has shifted, and attitudes in the nation’s leading energy-producing state now mirror those in the rest of the United States. About 80% of Americans — almost 81% of Texans — say they believe climate change is happening, according to new research by UH Energy and the University […]

New Volcano, Old Caldera – Eos

In May of 2018, a barrage of earthquakes struck Mayotte, the seismically quiet easternmost island of the Comoros archipelago, which stretches between Africa and Madagascar. After months of investigating the unexpected, intense seismic activity, French scientists discovered a new submarine volcano in the Indian Ocean approximately 50 kilometers east of the island. This […]

Could Apple build a search engine that competes with Google?

“Apple it” just doesn’t have the same ring… (Nathana Rebouças/Unsplash/) Hamza Mudassir is a Visiting Fellow in Strategy, Cambridge Judge Business School. This story originally featured on The Conversation. Small corners of the internet are ablaze with the news that Apple has significantly ramped up its search bot activity. Search bots typically scan websites in […]

How water helps the substrate into the enzyme

Researchers from Bochum and Berkeley have investigated why cages can increase the catalytic activity of enclosed molecules. Using terahertz spectroscopy and complex computer simulations, they showed that water encapsulated in a tiny cage has special properties – that are structurally and dynamically distinct from any known phase of water. The water forms a droplet inside […]