There’s a new coronavirus strain in the UK, but don’t panic

Viral mutations are a normal, constant process, and most don’t have any impact on how effectively a virus spreads or how well the treatments developed for it work. (CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MSMI; Dan Higgins, MAMS/) A new SARS-CoV-2 strain has been found circulating in communities in southern Britain, according to a UK government official. Despite […]

How the spread of the internet is changing migration

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The spread of the Internet is shaping migration in profound ways. A McGill-led study of over 150 countries links Internet penetration with migration intentions and behaviours, suggesting that digital connectivity plays a key role in migration decisions and actively supports the migration process. Countries with higher proportions of Internet users tend […]

Two strange blobs of X-ray energy are swirling out of the galaxy’s center

Millions of years ago, a powerful explosion shook the center of the Milky Way, sending twin shock waves blasting across the sky. Those waves bulldozed through the galaxy, heating up all the gas and dust in their path and leaving two telltale blobs of hot, highly energized gamma-rays in their wake. Today, those blobs — […]

Meet 5 Black researchers fighting for diversity and equity in science

As the Black Lives Matter movement gained momentum this year, Black scientists jumped in to call for inclusivity at school and work. Within days of the news that a Black bird watcher, Christian Cooper, had been harassed in New York City’s Central Park, the social media campaign #BlackBirdersWeek was launched (SN Online: 6/4/20), followed closely […]

Astronomers detect possible radio emission from exoplanet — ScienceDaily

By monitoring the cosmos with a radio telescope array, an international team of scientists has detected radio bursts emanating from the constellation Boötes — that could be the first radio emission collected from a planet beyond our solar system. The team, led by Cornell postdoctoral researcher Jake D. Turner, Philippe Zarka of the Observatoire de […]

Dirty Trees Shape Earth’s Hydrologic and Carbon Cycles

As rain falls on forest canopies, its journey begins. As raindrops reach Earth, they ferry creatures and contaminants to soils and streams below. Researchers have only recently begun to explore the fine details of this journey, as evidenced by a session on “Precipitation Partitioning by Vegetation” at AGU’s virtual Fall Meeting 2020. When […]

COVID-19 testing scientists are the unsung heroes of the pandemic

It takes more than doctors and nurses to keep us safe and healthy. (Pexels/) Rodney E. Rohde is a Professor of Clinical Laboratory Science, Texas State University. This story originally featured on The Conversation. Who do you think performs your medical laboratory tests for COVID-19 or any other test? If you answered “my doctor” or […]

Fishing alters fish behaviour and features in exploited ecosystems

IMAGE: Labrus bergylta spotted morphotyp view more  Credit: Olga Reñones Not all specimens of the same species are the same: there is a marked variability within the same population and sometimes these morphological differences are translated into a different behaviour. A study by the UB shows that fishing alters resource distribution and therefore, the behaviour of […]

Green chemistry creates coatings from nature

Lignocellulose biomass is cracked using acid to produce furfural. Using visible light and oxygen, furfural is converted into hydroxybutenolide, which is then modified using different alcohols to produce alkoxybutenolide monomers, that can be polymerized into coatings using UV light. Credit: George Hermens and Paco Visser, University of Groningen Organic chemists from the University of Groningen […]