What you should know about allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine

In the United States, most people who have serious allergies can get immunized but are advised to discuss it with their doctor first. (Unsplash/) Two healthcare workers in Alaska developed allergic reactions within minutes of receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, The New York Times reported on December 16. Both of the afflicted people worked at Bartlett […]

HSE researchers use neural networks to study DNA

IMAGE: Maria Poptsova, Head of the Laboratory of Bioinformatics (HSE Faculty of Computer Science) view more  Credit: Maria Poptsova HSE scientists have proposed a way to improve the accuracy of finding Z-DNA, or DNA regions that are twisted to the left instead of to the right. To do this, they used neural networks and a dataset […]

Researchers dive into the biogeochemistry of ocean anoxic zones

The research team lowers a particle collection device into waters off the coast of Manzanillo, Mexico. Credit: Morgan Raven With no dissolved oxygen to sustain animals or plants, ocean anoxic zones are areas where only microbes suited to the environment can live. “You don’t get big fish,” said UC Santa Barbara biogeochemist Morgan Raven. “You don’t […]

Top 10 Deadliest Natural Disasters in History

Every year, nearly 100,000 people perish in natural disasters — earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, wildfires and droughts — while over 150 million are impacted by them, worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Violent natural disasters have been a fact of human life since the beginning of mankind, but the death counts of […]

50 years ago, urea showed promise as a sickle-cell treatment

a microscopic image showing the sickle curved shape of blood cells

Urea normalizes cells – Science News, December 19, 1970 Intravenous infusions of urea now appear to promise successful treatment of sickle-cell patients.… Urea causes sickled cells to revert to their normal, doughnut shape. Thus far, intravenous infusions of urea have relieved sickle-cell crises in 22 patients tested. Update Sickle-cell disease causes painful clots that can […]

Recruiting for an Inclusive Culture

Diversity and inclusivity have become real buzz words in recruitment, but they’re more than just a passing trend, they’re part of an important shift in culture and values. An inclusive culture provides more opportunities for success on both an individual level, and for the company. Multiple studies into the performance of inclusive companies make it […]

Waterways Change as Cities Grow Nearby

Large rivers powerfully sculpt landscapes, but their smaller brethren—streams—are much more numerous and affect local communities and ecosystems. Now, scientists have used multidecadal data sets to trace how streamflow across the continental United States has changed in response to urbanization. They found a variety of trends, complicating the long-standing notion that city growth […]

Best Android tablet: Find the right device for you

Depending on what you need it for, there are things to consider when you’re looking at your next Android tablet. (Muhannad Ajjan via Unsplash/) While far from the essential devices many predicted they would become, tablets have evolved into more than just slightly larger smartphones. With varying sizes, capabilities, and content focuses, shopping for a […]

Pulp succeeded in diet? Determining the slenderization of wood pulp

IMAGE: Pixel-resolved distribution analysis shows that the optical retardation decreases with increasing degree of pulp fibrillation. view more  Credit: Osaka University Osaka, Japan – Researchers from the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research at Osaka University have devised a new method to determine the degree of fibrillation in wood pulp. By taking advantage of the intrinsic […]