Diseased cell fragments burst from pockets in immune cells to activate response

Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute have uncovered an important process in how our immune system detects signs of disease and activates a protective response. This understanding could improve efforts to find new and effective immunotherapy treatments for diseases like cancer. In their study, published in Nature Immunology, the scientists found a mechanism by which […]

Deep, slow-slip action may direct largest earthquakes and their tsunamis

Map of the Cascadia subduction zone. Credit: Public Domain Megathrust earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis that originate in subduction zones like Cascadia—Vancouver Island, Canada, to northern California—are some of the most severe natural disasters in the world. Now a team of geoscientists thinks the key to understanding some of these destructive events may lie in the […]

Ancient wolf pup mummy in Yukon permafrost from 57,000 years ago — ScienceDaily

While water blasting at a wall of frozen mud in Yukon, Canada, a gold miner made an extraordinary discovery: a perfectly preserved wolf pup that had been locked in permafrost for 57,000 years. The remarkable condition of the pup, named Zhùr by the local Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in people, gave researchers a wealth of insights about her […]

The Wobbly Anomaly and Other Magnetic Weirdness

“I always find it fascinating that something happening in such a remote, faraway place—Earth’s core—can have a profound impact on our lives way out on the surface,” said Julie Bowles as she helped us develop this issue. Bowles is an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and Eos’s science adviser for AGU’s […]

Llamas are hotter than ever. Here’s why.

The llama’s ability to move up and down canyons and mountains makes it an ideal work animal in Peru. (Jessica Kowlden/Unsplash/) Emily Wakild is a professor of History and Director, Environmental Studies Program, Boise State University. This story originally featured on The Conversation. With their long eyelashes, banana-shaped ears, upturned mouths and stocky bodies covered […]

Doctors should change the way that they ask patients about self-harm and suicide

Doctors can better help patients with mental health concerns by adopting a different questioning style around self-harm and suicide, experts have said. New research warns patients may find it difficult to disclose thoughts of self-harm because of the way in which GPs ask about them. Academics who examined consultations found that GPs were prone […]

Beyond changing DNA itself, mutagens also cause errors in gene transcription

Assistant Professor Marc Vermulst. Credit: USC/Stephanie Kleinman Exposure to mutagens, or mutation-causing agents, can not only bring about changes in DNA but also appear to induce errors when genes are transcribed to make proteins, which may be an important factor in age-related diseases. USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology Assistant Professor Marc Vermulst and colleagues […]

Exquisitely-preserved wolf pup mummy discovered in Yukon permafrost

A female wolf pup mummy, perfectly preserved as it remained locked in permafrost for 57,000 years, is finally giving up some of its secrets, including how the grey wolf died and ended up alone in the ice so long ago. The mummified grey wolf (Canis lupus) was discovered by a gold miner excavating permafrost in […]

Clearing land to feed 2050’s human population threatens biodiversity

Humankind’s growing need for food is running up against thousands of other species’ need for space. By 2050, humans may need to clear an additional 3.35 million square kilometers of land for agriculture. Converting these largely natural habitats, collectively about the size of India, would squeeze more than 17,000 vertebrate species from some of their […]