Your e-reader can display more than just books

If it be transformed into a PDF, you can open it on your e-reader. ( freestocks / Unsplash/) If you own an e-reader, you know how useful it can be when you just can’t decide which volume of your enormous library to take with you on vacation. But your device can do much more than […]

Human-made landscape promotes coexistence of two normally separated Andean warblers

IMAGE: The two species and their habitats at the study site in Ecuador (Photos by J. Nowakowski). The higher elevation species, the Spectacled Whitestart, chooses fragmented forests with few trees and… view more  Credit: photo by Jacek Nowakowski, the coauthor of the original paper at In the mountains across the world, different types of […]

Korean artificial sun sets the new world record of 20-sec-long operation at 100 million degrees

Credit: National Research Council of Science & Technology The Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research(KSTAR), a superconducting fusion device also known as the Korean artificial sun, set the new world record as it succeeded in maintaining the high temperature plasma for 20 seconds with an ion temperature over 100 million degrees. On November 24(Tuesday), the KSTAR […]

Fast-spreading UK coronavirus variant: All your questions answered

A scary new strain of coronavirus, innocuously named B.1.1.7, has recently exploded across southeast England, prompting the government to tighten lockdowns on the region. Though we don’t know all the details, experts are increasingly confident it is more easily transmitted than other strains. Here’s everything we know so far about this novel strain. What is […]

Shapeshifting crystals-varying stability in different forms of gallium selenide monolayers

IMAGE: The P and AP phases of a GaSe monolayer view more  Credit: Hirokazu Nitta from Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology The gallium selenide monolayer has been recently discovered to have an alternative crystal structure and has diverse potential applications in electronics. Understanding its properties is crucial to understand its functions. Now, scientists from […]

Great Lakes advocates hope new administration will take on climate change

Credit: CC0 Public Domain With the Earth on track to finish out another year among the warmest on record and the impact of climate change mounting around the globe, advocates around the Great Lakes are looking ahead to what a new administration could mean for the Midwest, the region containing one of the world’s largest […]

The 10 coolest dinosaur findings of 2020

Dinosaurs went extinct 66 million years ago, but we’re still learning their secrets. Here are 10 mind-blowing dino discoveries, including newly described species, an analysis of soft-shelled dinosaur eggs and takedowns of speculative species.  1. Spinosaurus could swim Two Spinosaurus hunt Onchopristis, a prehistoric sawfish, in the waters of the Kem Kem river system in […]

How shattered chromosomes make cancer cells drug-resistant — ScienceDaily

Cancer is one of the world’s greatest health afflictions because, unlike some diseases, it is a moving target, constantly evolving to evade and resist treatment. In a paper published in the December 23, 2020 online issue of Nature, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and the UC San Diego branch of […]