Important milestone in the creation of a quantum computer — ScienceDaily

Quantum computer: One of the obstacles for progress in the quest for a working quantum computer has been that the working devices that go into a quantum computer and perform the actual calculations, the qubits, have hitherto been made by universities and in small numbers. But in recent years, a pan-European collaboration, in partnership with […]

These fascinating flying stories soared above a turbulent year

An F-15C in Japan on January 9, 2019. (U.S. Air Force / Airman 1st Class Matthew Seefeldt/) In the world of aviation, the past year will be remembered for the far-reaching effects of one single devastating factor: the pandemic. COVID-19 spurred airlines to slash flights, retire old jets, and find value in flying cargo. In […]

Big bumblebees learn locations of best flowers

IMAGE: A bumblebee on a flower. view more  Credit: Natalie Hempel de Ibarra Big bumblebees take time to learn the locations of the best flowers, new research shows. Meanwhile smaller bumblebees – which have a shorter flight range and less carrying capacity – don’t pay special attention to flowers with the richest nectar. University of […]

The evolution of single amyloid fibrils into microcrystals

Nanomechanical properties of ILQINS fibrils. a) AFM height, b) 3D AFM height, c) AFM amplitude, and d) AFM DMT modulus of ILQINS fibrils. e) DMT modulus of ILQINS fibrils from part (d). f) The histogram of DMT moduli of ILQINS fibrils. Credit: Advanced Science, doi:10.1002/advs.202002182 Amyloids refer to abnormal fibrous extracellular and proteinaceous deposits found […]

Vaping could cloud your thoughts, new studies suggest — ScienceDaily

Two new studies from the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) have uncovered an association between vaping and mental fog. Both adults and kids who vape were more likely to report difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions than their non-vaping, non-smoking peers. It also appeared that kids were more likely to experience mental fog if […]

The “darkest days” of COVID-19 are still to come

We’ve still got a long way to go. (Unsplash /) Follow all of PopSci’s COVID-19 coverage here, including the truth about herd immunity, advice for pregnant women, and a tutorial on making your own mask. Holiday travel is only about half what it was last year, but that means millions of people have traveled significant […]

HKU chemists develop a new drug discovery strategy for “undruggable” drug targets

IMAGE: Graphic illustration of the work: DNA-programmed affinity labelling (DPAL) enables the direct screening of DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DELs) against membrane protein targets on live cells to create novel drug discovery… view more  Credit: The University of Hong Kong A research team led by Dr Xiaoyu LI from the Research Division for Chemistry, Faculty of Science, […]

Periodic and phase-locked modulation in the pulsar PSR B1929+10 investigated with FAST

The mean pulse profile of PSR B1929+10 from the observation of November 22, 2019. Credit: Kou et al., 2020. Using the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), astronomers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and elsewhere have conducted single-pulse observations of a pulsar known as PSR B1929+10. Results of the monitoring campaign shed more […]