Start 2021 by fixing your online privacy

Are you using an authenticator app for your accounts? It’s a good move. (Pixabay`/) Going into 2021, the idea of New Year’s resolutions can seem fruitless. After the onslaught of 2020, it can feel downright silly to think you’re going to make any revolutionary changes in your life in a time when every day blurs […]

A single gene ‘invented’ haemoglobin several times

IMAGE: The Platynereis dumerilii vascular system in three segments view more  Credit: © Song et al. / BMC Evolutionary Biology Thanks to the marine worm Platynereis dumerilii, an animal whose genes have evolved very slowly, scientists from CNRS, Université de Paris and Sorbonne Université, in association with others at the University of Saint Petersburg and the […]

Scientists turn toxic pesticide into treatment against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain N-Aryl-C-nitroazoles are an important class of heterocyclic compounds. They are used as pesticides and fungicides. However, these substances could be toxic to humans and cause mutations. As they are not frequently used, there is little data about them in the medicinal chemistry literature. However, it has been suggested recently that the […]

Scientists develop high-throughput mitochondria transfer device — ScienceDaily

Scientists from the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have developed a simple, high-throughput method for transferring isolated mitochondria and their associated mitochondrial DNA into mammalian cells. This approach enables researchers to tailor a key genetic component of cells, to study and potentially treat debilitating diseases such as cancer, diabetes and metabolic disorders. A study, published […]

Switching your bank might help slow the climate crisis

Your money is small to any given bank, but if everyone made greener choices it would make an impact. (Pexels/) Fossil fuel companies rely to a surprising extent on funding from banks—funding that comes, in part, from ordinary people’s bank accounts. And that means the bank you choose helps determine if those big energy companies […]

Electrons hop to it on twisted molecular wires

IMAGE: Concept and chemical structure of periodically twisted molecular wires. view more  Credit: Osaka University Osaka, Japan – Researchers at Osaka University synthesized twisted molecular wires just one molecule thick that can conduct electricity with less resistance compared with previous devices. This work may lead to carbon-based electronic devices that require fewer toxic materials or harsh […]

SoCal is losing its fight against smog. Things have to turn around in 2021

by The Times Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times, Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain For a brief moment this year, Southern Californians got a glimpse of what clean air could look and feel like. During the first COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns in the spring, the dramatic drop in vehicle pollution combined with […]

8 times nature was totally metal in 2020

This year, a lively debate raged in the scientific community: Just how metal (see: epic, awesome, brutal) was nature in 2020? Following yet another year of record wildfires, hurricanes and high temperatures, climate scientists determined that 2020 was in fact the most metal year on record since record-keeping began. But paleontologists countered, saying that nature […]

General anesthesia and normal sleep affect brain in an amazingly similar way as consciousness fades — ScienceDaily

What happens in the brain when our conscious awareness fades during general anesthesia and normal sleep? Finnish scientists studied this question with novel experimental designs and functional brain imaging. They succeeded in separating the specific changes related to consciousness from the more widespread overall effects, and discovered that the effects of anesthesia and sleep on […]

Detective work in theoretical physics

IMAGE: Time axis showing the number of publications relating to dynamical density functional theory. view more  Credit: M. te Vrugt et al. Scientific articles in the field of physics are mostly very short and deal with a very restricted topic. A remarkable exception to this is an article published recently by physicists from the Universities of […]