Hybrid chemical bonds are a mash-up of hydrogen and covalent bonds

fluorine atoms bonded to hydrogen atom

Chemistry students the world over are familiar with covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds. Now a study has revealed a strange variety of bond that acts like a hybrid of the two. Its properties raise questions about how chemical bonds are defined, chemists report in the Jan. 8 Science. Hydrogen bonds are typically thought of as […]

Insights into the Yellowstone hotspot — ScienceDaily

The Yellowstone hotspot is well known for generating supereruptions in the geologic past that are far more explosive than historic examples. The origin and sustained longevity of the hotspot is less understood but is focused on two competing models, where the ascent of hot mantle is derived from either a deep-seated mantle plume or a […]

Mars missions, a super-powered telescope, and more exciting 2021 space events

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Genomes reveal insights into much-loved Aussie animals

The genomes of egg-laying monotreme mammals, platypus and echidna, have been published in the prestigious journal Nature, providing a valuable public resource for research in mammalian biology and evolution, with applications for their conservation and health. Monotremes display a unique mix of mammalian and reptilian features and form the most distantly related, and least understood, […]

CO2 photocatalysis sees the light of day

A team of chemical engineers has created a pilot-scale photoreactor for making chemicals using just carbon dioxide and sunlight. Making fuel from carbon dioxide and sunlight at Gillette, Wyoming, USA. Figure permission courtesy of Jason Salfi, Dimensional Energy   Of all utilization technologies that employ some genre of catalysis to produce renewable chemicals and fuels […]

Emotionally appealing ads may not always help consumer memory

Emotional appeals in advertisements may not always help improve consumers’ immediate recall of a product, says a new paper co-written by Hayden Noel, a clinical associate professor of business administration at the Gies College of Business at Illinois. Credit: Gies College of Business In almost all successful advertising campaigns, an appeal to emotion sparks a […]

New type of ultra-strong chemical bond discovered

Scientists have recently discovered a totally new type of chemical bond — and it’s way stronger than it has any right to be. The new type of bond shows that the divide between powerful covalent bonds, which bind molecules together, and weak hydrogen bonds, which form between molecules and can be broken by something as […]

Some identical twins don’t have identical DNA

twin girls

Identical twins may not be carbon copies at the DNA level after all. On average, identical twins differ by 5.2 genetic changes, researchers report January 7 in Nature Genetics. The finding is important because identical twins — also called monozygotic twins because they come from a single fertilized egg — are often studied to determine […]

Mediterranean diet may decrease risk of prostate cancer progression — ScienceDaily

In a study to examine a Mediterranean diet in relation to prostate cancer progression in men on active surveillance, researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center found that men with localized prostate cancer who reported a baseline dietary pattern that more closely follows the key principles of a Mediterranean-style diet fared better […]

Martian Dust Activities Induce Electrochemistry

Homogenized by global storms, Martian dust contains an abundant amorphous (poorly crystalline) component, the source of which has been unknown. Wang et al. [2020] investigate a hypothesis that electrostatic discharge (i.e., like lightning or Aurora on Earth) during dust activities amorphize chlorine- and sulfur-bearing salts in dust by disrupting the crystal structure. Dust […]