New Senate leadership could finally help us fight climate change

The Capitol Building has already made a lot of news recently, but it’s in for an even busier year. (Pixabay/) The election of Democratic senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in Georgia last week could pave the way to passing at least modest climate change measures in Congress. The election brought Democrats up to 50 […]

Catalysts: worth taking a closer look

Metal surfaces play a role as catalysts for many important applications – from fuel cells to the purification of car exhaust gases. However, their behaviour is decisively affected by oxygen atoms incorporated into the surface. This phenomenon has been known for a long time, but until now it has been impossible to precisely investigate the […]

Shedding light on the secret reproductive lives of honey bees

NC State University researcher Alison McAfee prepares queen cells to go into honey bee mating colonies. Credit: Alison McAfee. Honey bee health has been on the decline for two decades, with U.S. and Canadian beekeepers now losing about 25 to 40% of their colonies annually. And queen bees are failing faster than they have in […]

CIA releases entire collection of UFO-related documents to truth-seeking website

More than three decades’ worth of government UFO records are now yours to download and peruse, thanks to the efforts of some intrepid truth-seekers. The massive data dump includes more than 2,700 pages of UFO-related documents declassified by the CIA since the 1980s. (The U.S. government also calls them “unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP). According […]

One of the oldest known cave paintings has been found in Indonesia

Indonesian cave

Inside a cave on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, scientists have found one of the oldest known artistic depictions of a real-world object or organism. It’s a painting of a warty pig, an animal still found on Sulawesi, that was rendered on the cave’s back wall at least 45,500 years ago, researchers report January 13 […]

Network Connects Indigenous Knowledges in the Arctic and U.S. Southwest

On one level, the Arctic and the U.S. Southwest have little in common: One has kilometers of bone-chilling temperatures, ice, and months of darkness; the other has towering cliffs of red rock, parched soil, and broiling summers. But Indigenous Peoples in each region face similar challenges to food resilience and sovereignty. Because of […]

Small patio sets that maximize your outdoor space

Space-conscious patio furniture. (Lindsey LaMont via Unsplash/) Outdoor spaces—we all love to have them, but they can be tough to design for, especially when they’re small. Three-piece bistro sets are a great way to maximize even the smallest of balconies and porches—giving you the freedom to reclaim your outdoor space—while still looking stylish in larger […]

Seawater as an electrical cable !? Wireless power transfers in the ocean

IMAGE: Underwater drone (top left), power supply station (bottom left), drone parked on the power supply station installed on the ocean floor for battery charging (right) view more  Credit: COPYRIGHT (C) TOYOHASHI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Overview: Associate professor Masaya Tamura, Kousuke Murai (who has completed the first term of his master’s program), and […]

Climate hope with “positive tipping points”

Small changes in societies’ behaviors could lead to positive cascading effects that will mitigate climate change. Image credit: Pratik Gupta on Unsplash When it comes to the climate emergency, the term “tipping point” is gaining ever-increasing usage as the effects of greenhouse gas emissions become more visible. In this context, a tipping point is the […]