Controlling chemical catalysts with sculpted light

IMAGE: Depiction of the experimental setup where palladium nanorods lie atop gold nanobars. In this image, an electron beam is directed at the sample to watch the catalytic interactions between the… view more  Credit: Katherine Sytwu Like a person breaking up a cat fight, the role of catalysts in a chemical reaction is to hurry up […]

Beetle keeps rivals off scent of food buried for offspring

This November 2020 photo provided by Dr. Vanessa R. Lane shows a Nicrophorus orbicollis beetle in Georgia. Burying beetles scout for a dead mouse or bird, dig a hole and bury it, pluck its fur or feathers, roll its flesh into a ball and cover it in goop—all to feed their future offspring. Now scientists […]

Light from supernova blast reached Earth 1,700 years ago — ScienceDaily

Astronomers are winding back the clock on the expanding remains of a nearby, exploded star. By using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, they retraced the speedy shrapnel from the blast to calculate a more accurate estimate of the location and time of the stellar detonation. The victim is a star that exploded long ago in the […]

Special interests can be assets for youth with autism

IMAGE: Dr. Kerri Nowell is an assistant clinical professor in the MU School of Health Professions. view more  Credit: MU School of Health Professions COLUMBIA, Mo. – When he was in middle school, teachers would give Sam Curran a list of words to type in a computer to practice his vocabulary. But Sam, who has autism, […]

Nations failing to fund climate adaptation: UN

Adaptation—reducing the fall out among communities and increasing their capacity to deal with climate-related disasters such as floods and drought—is a key pillar of the landmark 2015 accord The world is falling short of promises made under the Paris climate deal to help the most vulnerable nations deal with the increasingly devastating impacts of climate […]

Scientists reveal mechanism that causes irritable bowel syndrome — ScienceDaily

KU Leuven researchers have identified the biological mechanism that explains why some people experience abdominal pain when they eat certain foods. The finding paves the way for more efficient treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and other food intolerances. The study, carried out in mice and humans, was published in Nature. Up to 20% of the […]

10 weird, but essential, additions to any survival kit

Stowing some everyday items in your kit could save your life. (Apaha Spi / Unsplash/) This story was originally featured on Field & Stream. If you fire up your favorite search engine and hunt for a list of survival kit components, you’ll find that most of them repeat the same things over and over. Knife, […]

Basis for the essential cellular powerhouses

IMAGE: Model of beta-barrel membrane protein pore biogenesis at the sorting and assembly machinery (SAM) of the outer mitochondrial membrane. view more  Credit: Illustration: Nils Wiedemann Mitochondria are vital for the human body as cellular powerhouses: They possess more than 1,000 different proteins, required for many central metabolic pathways. Disfunction of these lead to severe diseases, […]

NASA test of mega Moon rocket engines cut short

NASA said the ‘hot-fire’ test of the RS-25 engines that will power the Artemis lunar missions shut down prematurely NASA conducted a test firing of the engines for its giant Space Launch System (SLS) lunar rocket on Saturday but they shut down earlier than planned, the space agency said. The “hot-fire” test at the Stennis […]