Elastic motion makes click beetles click, study finds

Illinois researchers Aimy Wissa, Marianne Alleyne and Ophelia Bolmin studied the motion of a click beetle’s jump and present the first analytical framework to uncover the physics behind ultrafast motion by small animals. Credit: L. Brian Stauffer Click beetles can propel themselves more than 20 body lengths into the air, and they do so without […]

How do we turn oil into plastic?

“Only we humans make waste that nature can’t digest.” Those are the words of oceanographer Capt. Charles Moore, who discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 1997. And, of course, he’s talking about plastic. Most people reading this will probably have something made of plastic within their line of sight. This material is ubiquitous: we’re […]

The best plastic cups that look better than most plastic cups

Durable glasses you’ll be proud to drink out of. (Gerrie van der Walt via Unsplash/) There are so many practical reasons to have plastic cups in your life. Whether you have small children, frequent parties, or prefer the stress-free ease of knowing your cups are sturdy enough to resist shattering on impact. Plastic cups also […]

Researchers find how cells move while avoiding adhesion

Cancer cells moving on glycoproteine strips: These strips act like splints, which allow to control and to study the movement of the cells better. Credit: Rädler Lab, Ludwig Maximilians Universität München Cell velocity, or how fast a cell moves, is known to depend on how sticky the surface is beneath it, but the precise mechanisms […]

Subscribe to your favorite magazines from just $12 for 12 months!

Over on MagazinesDirect.com there are a huge range of titles available for print or digital subscriptions, meaning you can get every issue straight to your tablet, cellphone or other smart device.  You can grab a print subscription to our best-selling magazines from just $3 for 3 issues — or if you prefer, get an entire […]

Microscopic animals glow in the dark to survive radiation

Tardigrades, popularly known as water bears, are tiny animals that can survive extreme pressure, heat, cold, and radiation which would be lethal for many other creatures. They’ve also survived in the extremes of space. There are around 1300 known species of tardigrades and they use various biological mechanisms to cope with the harsh conditions they […]

The best beard trimmer: Get a clean-shaven look with ease

Check out these hair trimming tools that will totally have you covered. (Jakob Owens via Unsplash/) A beard, or lack thereof, can say a lot about a person’s style and sensibilities. A perfectly twirled mustache has an element of whimsy, a full beard suggests a sense of rugged adventure, neat, trim edges showcase thoughtfulness and […]