The life-saving space blanket has humble origins

A mylar emergency blanket can come in handy on a trip in the woods or a trek to the moon. (Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay/) This story originally featured on Field & Stream. Like many sports people, I packed a space blanket for years before ever having to use it. When I finally did unwrap the […]

Six-fold rise in brain pressure disorder that affects mostly women

A brain pressure disorder that especially affects women, causing severe headaches and sometimes permanent sight loss, has risen six-fold in 15 years, and is linked to obesity and deprivation, a new study by Swansea University researchers has shown. Rates of emergency hospital admissions in Wales for people with the disorder were also five times higher […]

Bringing atoms to a standstill: Researchers miniaturize laser cooling

Illustration of a new optical system to miniaturize the laser cooling of atoms, a key step towards cooling atoms on a microchip. A beam of laser light is launched from a photonic integrated circuit (PIC), aided by an element called an extreme mode converter (EMC) that greatly expands the beam. The beam then strikes a […]

Earliest form of money found and it’s a bunch of rings and axes

Got change for an axe? Thousands of years ago, people used bronze objects such as neck rings, axe blades and “ribs” (curved, flattened rods) as a type of prehistoric currency, making them the oldest known form of money in the world.  Archaeologists recently analyzed more than 5,000 of these ancient metal artifacts dating to the […]

Space station detectors spot the source of weird ‘blue jet’ lightning

blue jet illustration

Scientists have finally gotten a clear view of the spark that sets off an exotic type of lightning called a blue jet. Blue jets zip upward from thunderclouds into the stratosphere, reaching altitudes up to about 50 kilometers in less than a second. Whereas ordinary lightning excites a medley of gases in the lower atmosphere […]

Diet and exercise can shape how your mind ages

Dementia is a condition that many of us are all too familiar with within friends and family. Dementia itself is a blanket term that describes several conditions including a decline in thinking skills, memory loss, and altered behavior, feelings and relationships. In contrast, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia and occurs in […]

Why is Culture Fit Such a Bad Word?

Over the years, recruitment has become more refined and evolved but there’s one trend that’s been around for a while: culture fit. A way of ensuring that new recruits will match the core attributes and values of the company, culture fit has widely been touted as an essential part of decision-making. However, the tide is […]

Overturning in the Pacific May Have Enabled a “Standstill” in Beringia

Planet Earth pulled out all the stops, it seems, to enable the first humans to reach North America. When a glacial period lowered sea levels and turned parts of the Bering Strait into a land bridge, a warm ocean current shielded that region from the worst cold, turning it into a refuge where […]

Blue Origin and Virgin Orbit will join SpaceX in the commercial spaceflight landscape in 2021

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