Gorilla treated with antibodies recovering from COVID, says US zoo

Winston, 48, was one of several gorillas among the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s troop who were confirmed positive for the virus An elderly gorilla was recovering from a serious case of COVID-19 after he was treated with cutting-edge synthetic antibodies, the San Diego Zoo said Monday. Veterinarians are now identifying which animals to inject […]

Why cats and dogs may need their own COVID-19 vaccines

Cats and dogs may eventually need their own COVID-19 vaccines to prevent the coronavirus from evolving further and “spilling” back to humans, according to one group of researchers. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is known to infect a number of animals besides humans, including cats, dogs, minks, tigers and gorillas. However, at this time, […]

Dinosaur embryo find helps crack baby tyrannosaur mystery — ScienceDaily

They are among the largest predators ever to walk the Earth, but experts have discovered that some baby tyrannosaurs were only the size of a Border Collie dog when they took their first steps. The first-known fossils of tyrannosaur embryos have shed light on the early development of the colossal animals, which could grow to […]

Our Place in the Food Security Chain

Food insecurity is a growing threat in many places around the world. This situation is exacerbated by two events that many geoscientists are tasked to study: natural hazards and our changing climate. In this issue of Eos, we look at how geoscientists are using their research to help create resilient communities around the […]

It’s a cosmic miracle that life on Earth’s lasted this long

Earth’s deserts are more inhabitable than entire planets and exoplanets. (Cerqueira/Unsplash/) Toby Tyrrell is a professor of Earth System Science at the University of Southampton. This story originally featured on The Conversation. It took evolution 3 or 4 billion years to produce Homo sapiens. If the climate had completely failed just once in that time […]

How will seafarers fare once automated ships take over? Scientists predict the future

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the world, one industry at a time! Whatever humans can do, machines are learning to also do effectively, with lower costs and fewer errors. The maritime shipping industry is no different. Ships are now increasingly automated (called maritime autonomous surface ships or MASSs), reducing the need for human input. […]

Major discovery helps explain coral bleaching

Nils Rädecker spent more than a year studying a coral reef just off the coast of Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. He then replicated these environmental conditions in the aquaria at the Red Sea Research Center. Credit: Nils Rädecker Corals, like all animals, must eat to live. The problem is that most corals grow in tropical waters […]

Man tried to smuggle chameleons in socks and empty ice-cream tubs

A man attempted to smuggle 74 protected chameleons through an Austrian airport by hiding the animals in socks and empty ice cream containers in his luggage.  The man was caught at customs control in Vienna after traveling from Tanzania via Ethiopia, The Associated Press reported. After authorities confiscated the colorful reptiles, the chameleons were taken […]

A robot arm toting a Venus flytrap can grab delicate objects

Venus flytrap grabbing a weight

A new robotic grabber is ripped straight from the plant world. The device, made with a severed piece of a Venus flytrap, can grasp tiny, delicate objects, researchers report January 25 in Nature Electronics. Normally, the carnivorous Dionaea muscipula scores a meal when unsuspecting prey touches delicate hairs on one of the plant’s jawlike leaves, […]