5 Awesome Summer Workout Activities to Burn More Calories

Want to burn more calories and lose weight this summer?

It’s the perfect time to do so. The weather is beautiful, the days are longer, and there are tons of fun activities to take part in.

Whether you prefer something out in nature or something closer to home, there are plenty of awesome summer workout activities to help you burn more calories.

Here are five of the best ideas.

#1 Swimming

When it comes to summer workouts, it’s hard to beat swimming.

You can cool down, burn calories, improve your cardio, and tone up your body all in one enjoyable exercise.

Just 30 minutes of swimming can burn around 300-500 calories, yet it’s so relaxing you might want to stay in the pool for longer.

There’s also plenty of options when it comes to swimming.

Most will want to find an outdoor pool- some even offer free sessions over the summer. Alternatively, you can find a local leisure center.

Those near the beach might even want to head down for an early morning swim for an amazing way to get the day started.

#2 Cycling

If you want something that’ll build your legs and boost your cardio significantly while you enjoy the outdoors, take up cycling.

All you need is a bike, and if you don’t have one already, you can find plenty of affordable mountain bikes and hybrid bikes to suit your purposes.

Cycling in the summer is ideal. You might want to explore your town or city via bike paths.

But for a more relaxing and scenic route, check out local parks and trails where you can take in nature while working up a sweat.

A 30-minute cycle can burn around 250 to 400 calories, although you can burn even more if you pedal with higher intensity.

#3 Park Calisthenics

For something unique that anyone can do, head down to the local park and do some calisthenics.

Many parks now have outdoor workout  equipment such as pullup bars, dip bars, and climbing frames which you can use to get an incredible workout.

Even if yours doesn’t, you can still do push-ups, sit-ups, body squats, and take advantage of the monkey bars for a great full-body workout.

You can really get creative with your park workouts.

You might want to mix in running with push-ups to both build muscle and burn fat.

Keep to a regular routine and soak up the great weather while getting fit.

#4 Yoga

Yoga is one of the many exercises which you can enjoy just as much outdoors as indoors.

Yoga improves your flexibility, increases muscle mass, and even helps you burn calories. You can find many simple yoga routines online to get started.

While many people start out doing yoga at home with a yoga mat, summer is the perfect time to take up outdoor yoga.

Many parks offer outdoor yoga sessions with instructors to guide you through routines. But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always head out with your yoga mat and do it yourself.

#5 Outdoor Sports

If you want to spend time with friends, have fun, and get fit, then take up outdoor sports.

Whether you prefer soccer, basketball or even something more casual like frisbee, just get together a group of people and do it.

Parks are a great place to partake in outdoor sports with your friends.

However, you can also find spots like basketball courts and outdoor fitness centers. You might even want to look online to find outdoor sports teams and groups to take part in.


No matter what kind of workouts you enjoy, you can enjoy them even more in the summer.

It’s the ideal time to soak up some rays and enjoy the outdoors while still getting fit.

Working outdoors will improve your mood and make exercise a lot more enjoyable, so take advantage of the weather while the summer lasts.

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