6 Reasons You Need Fat In Your Diet

Healthy Fat Platter

With all the attention today about choosing the best diet for losing weight, building muscle, or simply balancing healthy food intake, much of the focus is on what you should eliminate to achieve your goals. Far too often, the emphasis on reducing or eliminating fat from the menu is brought to the forefront. It makes […]

Crazy Bulk Review – Does It Really Work? My Results..

Crazy Bulk Review

Last year I bought myself a set of dumbbells, a workout bench, a pullup bar and the BodyBeast workout program as a commitment to build muscle and get in shape. But 10 months later my physique had barely changed at all despite working out regularly and eating plenty of whey protein. As a guy in […]

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5 Awesome Summer Workout Activities to Burn More Calories

Want to burn more calories and lose weight this summer? It’s the perfect time to do so. The weather is beautiful, the days are longer, and there are tons of fun activities to take part in. Whether you prefer something out in nature or something closer to home, there are plenty of awesome summer workout […]

5 Quick Tips For Building More Muscle

Build muscle tips

Building more muscle can be a long and slow process. While you can pack on plenty of pounds of muscle when you start training, your progress eventually peaks, and scientific studies claim you can expect to add around 2 pounds of muscle per month. With that said, there are certain scientifically proven tips which can […]

How To Do A Calisthenic Workout

If you’re not into pumping iron, and machines don’t really do it for you, your best workout option is calisthenics. They are great for beginners and top athletes alike. They burn fat, tone muscle, and improve your endurance, all without using a lot of equipment. If you want to learn a great calisthenic routine for […]