Bedside lights that do more than shine

Bedside lights that do more than shine

Upgrade your bedside lighting.

Upgrade your bedside lighting. (Amazon/)

Our bodies’ circadian rhythms function best with established routines, predictable light, and lower noise levels. When circadian rhythms are functioning well, our sleep is deeper and we wake feeling more rested. However, with so many hours spent indoors and under artificial lighting it’s easy to fall out of rhythm and into the cycle of insomnia. Interestingly, the same technology that can throw us off track can also help us get back on track. Smart technology can be programmed into bedside lights to support and promote our relaxation and well being, and trick our bodies back into more natural rhythms.

Here are the best bedside lights with smart features designed to help us establish healthy routines currently on the market.

Most features: Hatch Restore

Rest is the best.

Rest is the best. (Amazon/)

Marketed as a “sleep assistant,” this bedside light and clock is a great option when you want lots of smart features. This device requires Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and can be controlled with buttons on the device or through an app on your smartphone. The bedside light syncs with the sunrise and sunset adjusting light levels to support the body’s circadian rhythm and cortisol levels. In addition, you have access to a library of soothing sounds, white noise, and lights that promote relaxation, meditation, and restful sleep. Be sure you want to use a smartphone as the full features and controls are only accessed with the app.

Best for total control: Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock

Now this is a good morning.

Now this is a good morning. (Amazon/)

This bedside light and alarm clock offer smart settings to control light levels. The light intensity is 200 lux and can be adjusted with 10 brightness settings (for when, say, you’re reading vs. gradually waking) and can be customized according to your preference. The alarm clock setting uses a gradual natural light sunrise feature that helps trick the body into a more natural wake up over a 30 minute period. After the full wake up brightness is achieved, a gentle “beep” completes the process.

Most unique design: Tree of Light – Bedside Smart Table Lamp with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger

Looks and sounds like bedtime.

Looks and sounds like bedtime. (Amazon/)

This attractive organic nature-inspired bedside lamp includes additional smart features including a Qi wireless charging pad, Bluetooth speaker (featuring dual waveguide speaker technology that will connect directly with your smartphone), and LED dimmable light with sleep mode setting. The unique sleep mode setting on the light will automatically turn off within 30 minutes, a nice feature for people who like to read themselves to sleep.

For celestial moods: Aisuo Night Light, Star Projector with Bluetooth 5.0 HiFi Speaker

Bedtime is showtime.

Bedtime is showtime. (Amazon/)

This device uses smart technology to offer a variety of soothing star and celestial-inspired light shows. In addition to lights, this device has a Bluetooth HiFi speaker allowing you to stream music, meditations, or audiobooks directly from your smartphone. Remote control allows you to set a timer to have the device turn off automatically in one or two hours. This bedside light offers a great ambiance to calm the body and mind, but cannot be used as a bedside reading lamp.

Best for voice activation: HUGOAI Wi-Fi Table Lamp

Huge range of hues.

Huge range of hues. (Amazon/)

This bedside light connects with your WiFi and will sync with Alexa and Google Home. The lights are designed to be flicker-free and offer a wide range of color options from bright light for reading to low glow for bedtime to create your own color patterns. Controls and settings for the lamp are accessed with an app on your smartphone.

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