Best snow shovel: Clear your driveway fast

Best snow shovel: Clear your driveway fast

Whether you get a couple inches or a foot of snow, these snow shovels have you covered.

Whether you get a couple inches or a foot of snow, these snow shovels have you covered. (Anna Hill via Unsplash/)

Don’t be that cranky neighbor who grumbles at the sight of any snowflakes. Freshly fallen snow is a beautiful sight, and your snow days should be enjoyed. The best snow shovels will allow you to get outside and enjoy the snowy landscape (or kick back inside by the fire—your choice), knowing you’ve gotten the job done right.

Here, we’ve collected the best tools for shoveling snow, with arms that are long enough to prevent hunching, ergonomic designs to reduce back strain, and durable materials that can cut through any snowbank. An electric shovel can speed up the job, or you can just work with well designed manual shovels. Either way, we’ve researched some of the best snow shovels currently on the market, so now you won’t dread those impending winter storms.

  • <b>Best ergonomic snow shovel: </b><a href=”” target=_blank>True Temper 1613400 Aluminum Snow Shovel</a>
  • <b>Best snow pusher shovel:</b> <a href=”” target=_blank>The Snowplow “the Original Snow Pusher” </a>
  • <b>Best electric snow shovel: </b><a href=”” target=_blank>Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Snow Shovel</a>
  • <b>Best snow shovel with wheels:</b> <a href=”” target=_blank>TUFFIOM Wheeled Snow Shovel Pusher</a>
  • <b>Best combination shovel:</b> <a href=”” target=_blank>Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo</a>
  • <b>Best budget snow shovel: </b><a href=”” target=_blank>Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel</a>

Features to consider when shopping for snow shovels

Before deciding on which snow shovel to buy this winter, consider the design, quality of materials, as well as the types of jobs your shovel is built to handle. If you don’t typically get a lot of snow, you may be able to handle the job with a simple combination shovel or ergonomic shovel. For bigger jobs, you may want to purchase an electric shovel or a larger snow pusher with wheels. Keep reading for our selections.

Is it possible to be comfortable while shoveling snow?

Nobody could call shoveling snow easy, because it’s not. One of the precautions you can take to help make the difficult task of snow removal easier is to protect your back. Back strain and pulled muscles are very common due to the heavy, repetitive actions involved in the process.

Because of these common injuries, manufacturers have conducted research and designed ergonomic snow shovels with your comfort in mind. Shovels are considered ergonomic when they help you stand up straight, have comfortable handles, and are lighter in weight. Features that you will find to facilitate this back comfort are lightweight materials like aluminum and plastic, a longer slightly bent arm, and larger D-Grip handles. So, while the job still won’t be easy, an ergonomically designed shovel for snow will help protect your back and make the job more comfortable.

Best ergonomic snow shovel: True Temper 1613400 Aluminum Snow Shovel

Ergonomic snow shovel ideal for both pushing or shoveling.

Ergonomic snow shovel ideal for both pushing or shoveling. (Amazon/)

This ergonomic snow shovel is a great choice to help make you more comfortable while shoveling, as the combination of plastic, aluminum, and steel makes it light and easy to handle. The curbed combo blade allows it to act as both a pusher or lifter and the extra-large D-Grip handle keeps hands comfortable and secure.

Find a snow pusher shovel that fits your needs all season long

When you live in a climate that sees its fair share of snowstorms, you should consider adding a snow pusher to your snow removal arsenal. Snow pushers are increasingly popular choices because they are lightweight and help you remove snow without excessive lifting. With the right conditions, you can cover a large amount of ground very quickly with this tool.

The best snow pushers can help prevent back injuries because the act of pushing is inherently easier than lifting. Snow pushers are essentially smaller, hand-powered versions of the industrial plow. They are best used for pushing up to 4 inches of lighter snow off of flat surfaces. This makes them a smart choice for sidewalks and driveways. Materials found in snowplows include steel, aluminum, plastics, and fiberglass, as well as UHMW polyethylene. Plastic blades tend to be a better choice for shoveling more delicate surfaces like pavers. Keep in mind that snow pushers aren’t the best choice for excessive, heavy icy snow.

Best snow pusher shovel: The Snowplow “the Original Snow Pusher”

A wide blade will push snow off delicate surfaces without damage, and it flips over to chip at ice.

A wide blade will push snow off delicate surfaces without damage, and it flips over to chip at ice. (Amazon/)

This snow pusher is available in multiple sizes and is constructed with polyethylene, which makes this safe for use on decks, pavers, and roofs. When you flip this shovel over, there is a cutting angle that can be used to chip away at stubborn ice.

Snow removal doesn’t always have to take lots of time

When you’re looking to really speed up the snow shoveling process but don’t want to invest in an expensive, heavy snow blower, you may want to consider an electric snow shovel. Compared to snow blowers, electric shovels are typically lightweight, reasonably priced, and relatively small—making them a good choice for navigating smaller spaces like narrow walkways or steps.

Electric snow shovels work similarly to traditional snow blowers. They utilize a rotating blade to remove snow from a surface and then propel it through a chute. These portable machines usually have to be manually pushed along your snow clearing path. Their smaller size makes them easier to store when not in use, which is a bonus if your storage space is limited. Electric power is generated with a cord, or they can be cordless powered via a rechargeable battery. While it may vary between models, most batteries will last between 30 to 45 minutes on a single charge. Recharging will take about 30 minutes, so it might be necessary to purchase a backup battery if you’re clearing a larger area. It is also important to consider that most batteries should be stored inside a space that will not go below freezing.

Best electric snow shovel: Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Snow Shovel

Lightweight, easy-to-maneuver shovel removes snow quickly with a powerful cordless design.

Lightweight, easy-to-maneuver shovel removes snow quickly with a powerful cordless design. (Amazon/)

The Greenworks electric snow shovel is a great solution when you need to get rid of snow fast but you don’t have a lot of space to store your snow equipment. This rechargeable cordless electric snow shovel works best to clear lighter snow up to 6 inches in height. Again, for best performance, make sure the battery is stored somewhere at room temperature.

How can I make shoveling easier with a traditional shovel?

No matter how lightweight and brilliantly designed your shovel is, the act of physically lifting scoop after scoop of snow is tiresome. If you’re looking to reduce fatigue and speed up the process without turning to electric or gas-powered snow removal equipment, you may want to consider a snow shovel with wheels.

Pushing a heavy load with wheels offsets the amount of energy required to complete the task immensely. Ever pushed a handcart full of heavy boxes? Incorporating the simple science of the wheel into a snow shovel works particularly well with a pusher-style shovel. A snow pusher allows for fast removal of larger surfaces (like driveways, for example). When wheels are added the task becomes that much easier, reducing the force of friction. Wheeled shovels are a great choice for people with back issues or older homeowners. As with manual snow-pusher-style shovels, the wheeled snow pusher will work best on lightweight snow, while heavy ice and snow may need to be broken up before this can be used to clear the space.

Best snow shovel with wheels: TUFFIOM Wheeled Snow Shovel Pusher

Save energy with two 9.5-inch wheels, striped for extra traction.

Save energy with two 9.5-inch wheels, striped for extra traction. (Amazon/)

This reasonably priced, heavy-duty metal snow pusher is scratch-and rust-resistant, to last you many winters. The T-shaped handle has an adjustable height of between 40 and 46 inches, which helps ensure better posture, and with the ability to clear 5 to 10 inches of snow, it’s a great choice for pushing snow off larger areas like decks and driveways. However, this shovel is larger than some others, so adequate storage would be required.

Do you have limited space for your snow clearing equipment?

When you need to clear snow, but don’t have a lot of storage space, consider a combination snow shovel. These shovels act as a two-in-one tool, offering the ability to push as well as lift snow. That means you only need one shovel to clear the snowfall from your deck, driveway, and even the top of your car. The best combination shovels will be durable, ergonomically designed, and lightweight enough to be used comfortably.

Best combination shovel: Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo

A 40-inch steel handle makes this one easy to grip without hunching over too much.

A 40-inch steel handle makes this one easy to grip without hunching over too much. (Amazon/)

A great choice to save space and time, this combination snow shovel is designed with a durable steel handle and a coated plastic resin blade. The shovel blade has an angled ribbed pattern, which helps prevent snow from sticking to the shovel. An ergonomic bent arm and S-shaped handle help ensure proper posture and reduce back strain.

Best budget snow shovel: Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Not all snow shovels are made the same, and as could be expected, the majority of budget snow shovels are usually made with lower-quality materials and use cost-cutting solutions for construction. Depending upon the frequency of use, these less expensive shovels will probably not last as long as a pricier model. However, if you live in an area that only sees occasional snow, a budget snow shovel might just be good enough for you. We found a highly rated budget shovel that features a new take on shovel design—offering a second lower handle and short arm to act as a fulcrum and offset the energy required to throw the snow off the shovel blade. If stored properly and not used on the heaviest of icy snow, the Snow Joe shovel may work for you quite well.

FAQ: More to Know About Snow Shovels

Which model has the best snow shovel reviews?

When searching for the best snow shovel, it’s often helpful to see how the product has been reviewed by customers. According to Amazon, the highest-rated snow shovel model is the Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel. Over 7,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, show us that there are plenty of customers that have been pleased with this brand and model. This is also our pick for the best budget snow shovel.

How can you shovel snow fast?

In order to get your snow shoveling done fast, it’s important to follow a few rules of thumb. First, you want to get outside right when the snow stops. If you wait too long, you might run into issues like heavier snow, melted slush, and refrozen ice. Another trick is to make sure you have the right equipment—sometimes you might need a few different kinds of snow shovels to get the full job done faster. For example, when tackling a large space like your driveway, the fastest method is to start down the center using a plow shovel, and then work your way towards the outer edges, finally removing the snow with a traditional snow shovel. You can also consider an electric shovel to shorten the overall time to clear your space.

How do you keep snow from sticking to the shovel?

One of the more frustrating issues that many people face when shoveling is having snow stick to the shovel. This creates extra weight and reduces the speed at which you can clear the snow. A trick you can easily do to help solve this problem is to add a lubricant to the shovel, which will cause the snow to roll off easily. You can use a general wax, inexpensive cooking oil, or even a cooking oil spray.

A final word on shopping for the best snow shovel

The best snow shovels will help make shoveling snow quicker and less of a physical strain. It’s worth considering ergonomic features, lightweight materials, and the right shape and size blade for the surfaces you will be clearing. The best snow shovels will help you enjoy the winter season and remain confident knowing you’ve got the tool to handle whatever storms Mother Nature throws your way.

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