Breaking Down The Life-Sciences Glass Ceiling

Breaking Down The Life-Sciences Glass Ceiling

Let’s be completely honest here, the life-science industry is one which is still predominately filled with men. While of course there is nothing wrong with this, it cannot be denied that women are simply not as commonly found working in this industry. There are quite a few speculated reasons for this, ranging from a lack of participation in the sciences at a young age, a lack of mentoring or simply a lack of interest. Whatever the reason, the results are telling. There are simply more men in this field than there are women. But it shouldn’t be this way.

Women from all around the world should feel as though they are welcomed into the life-science industry. This industry desperately needs the newest and brightest minds around, regardless of their gender. So, what can we do about this? How can more women get involved with the life-science profession and break this glass ceiling?


For any woman out there looking to break into the life-science industry, you must spend time networking. While it may be awkward to bring up business and your career in front of strangers, it can be a great way to get to know those within the industry. Attend life-science conventions, go to the panels, listen to what the speakers have to say and try to ask some questions along the way. Just make sure that you stay mindful of your surroundings and do not overstep any boundaries.
By meeting individuals who are already within the industry, you can get your name out there. Who knows, if someone is looking for a position to be filled maybe your name will come up?

Get A Mentor

If you are completely new to this industry, then you may want to find yourself a mentor. This can be practically anyone already situated within the life-science sector and should be someone willing to answer any question you may have about the profession and how to get into it.
A mentor should be willing to chat with you on a casual basis to ensure that the advice you are receiving is given in a relaxed and comfortable manner. It is best if you find a mentor organically without the need to search for one as this can lead to an awkward and strained dynamic over long durations of time.

Visualise Your Goals

While it may sound corny, it is incredibly important for you to understand exactly what you want from your life, and in particular what you want from a professional career in the life-science industry. You should spend time thinking about what you want from your future and how you would like to get there. Give yourself a rough idea of a time frame and try to stick to it. Understand what skills or qualifications you require and get them. Only once this has been done can you start your life-science career.

Use Online Forums And Recruitment Sites

This essentially ties into the point about networking. If you use online forums or chat message boards then you are likely to meet more people in the industry or who aim to be in that industry soon. The more pope you meet, the more likely it is that someone you know will get their break in the industry, therefore possibly paving the way for you as well.

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