Crazy Bulk Review – Does It Really Work? My Results..

Crazy Bulk Review

Last year I bought myself a set of dumbbells, a workout bench, a pullup bar and the BodyBeast workout program as a commitment to build muscle and get in shape.

But 10 months later my physique had barely changed at all despite working out regularly and eating plenty of whey protein.

As a guy in my 20’s I really wanted to build up a strong physique because I’ve got a few friends who’re in shape and get tons of attention from women.

I also needed to build up some confidence too.

So I started looking into supplements and found a company called Crazy Bulk who sell these things called legal steroids to help you build muscle.

After Googling them I saw that they have over 2053 reviews on with a 4.4 rating and people were getting good results.

So I decided to give it a try and bought the Crazy Bulk Bulking stack which is a combination of their line of supplements for bulking.

It contains Testo-Max, D-Bal, Trenorol and Decaduro.


I’ve seen a few complaints of Feefo about slow shipping but mine arrived less than 2 days after ordering.

My Crazy Bulk Results – Legit Or Scam?

Of course, these supplements aren’t actually steroids so I had no idea whether they would really help me build muscle or not.

All I know is that for the last year I had been lifting weights and trying to build muscle with nothing to show for it so I had my fingers crossed when it came to Crazy Bulk.


The first thing I noticed was my mood changed a lot for the better. I suddenly felt happier and more motivated. My outlook on the future was brighter and I began to really look forward to working out.

Then I began to feel more together, focused and a bit more energized. Instead of feeling tired in the afternoons I felt great which made a huge difference to my afternoon workouts.

Speaking of workouts, Crazy Bulk seemed to take them to a whole new level. They felt more intense, focused and I instantly started lifting heavier weights and when I got tired on a set I was able to squeeze out a couple of extra reps and get an incredible pump going.

I never used to get ‘pumped up’ in my workouts but now it looked like I was busting out of my t-shirt by the end of my workouts.

I started working out for longer too because I didn’t want to quit! So after I had completely a workout I would just carry on.

I was shocked at how fast I was seeing results in the mirror as well. Within days of using Crazy Bulk and working out hard I was looking thicker and more muscular.

It looked like a had a pump on 24/7.

The bulking stack lasted me 1 month and by the end of it I had gone from 144lbs to 157lbs so I gained 13lbs in 1 month and almost no fat gain.

To be honest I’m well happy with the results because I got better results in 30 days of using Crazy Bulk than I did for an entire year before that trying to do it the ‘all natural way’.

A few friends have even asked me if I’m on the juice. I even had to swear to my Mom that I’m not using steroids. 😊

I stopped using Crazy Bulk around a month ago now and have been doing the BodyBeast Total body workout 2 times per week for maintenance and so far haven’t lost any weight, strength or muscle so I’m confident that Crazy Bulk helped me gain real muscle that isn’t going to disappear any time soon which I hear happens a lot with real steroids.

I feel more confident and have no problems talking to hot women anymore, I feel more laid back and relaxed and my sex life has done a 180 from crapola to pretty damn good!

Do I recommend Crazy Bulk?

Yeah, if you’re struggling to build muscle naturally or just want to speed everything up without using real steroids then Crazy Bulk rocks!

I used the bulking stack and it feels like you’re on something when you’re using it but after researching all the products and their ingredients if I could recommend just 1 product would be D-Bal.

  • Checkout the bulking stack here.
  • Checkout D-Bal here.

I haven’t tried their cutting products yet but they also have a cutting stack and the clear winner in their cutting range is Clenbutrol available here.

What Is Crazy Bulk And What Are The Products?

Ok so if you don’t already know what Crazy Bulk is and what the products are then I’m going to explain all below.

First of all Crazy Bulk are a company that sell a line of supplements called legal steroids.

Legal steroids are products designed to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids without the side effects or injections.

They’re much safer to use than real steroids.

I’ve heard online that the Crazy Bulk legal steroids don’t have any side effects but I’m not too sure about that. They feel very powerful to me and I think if you abuse them or take more than the recommended dose then you could see negative side effects, so you still need to be smart using them.

One things for sure, if you follow the recommended dose you will see positive benefits and the chance of negatives like hair loss, ball shrinkage or liver damage are almost non-existent.

In terms of effectiveness legal steroids are somewhere between natural and real anabolic steroids.

If I had to guess here’s how I would rate them:

Line pic

Crazy Bulk has a 4.4 rating on where you can checkout the reviews here.

The Crazy Bulk Products For Bulking And Building Muscle

For building muscle Crazy Bulk sell 5 different product which I will give you an overview about below:


D-Bal is the BIG DADDY of all the bulking products Crazy Bulk sell.

It’s an alternative to an anabolic steroid called Dianabol which many steroid users have a love hate relationship with.

They love it because it packs on muscle fast but hate it because of the side effects of which there are many.

The main ingredient of D-Bal is called Ecdysteroids which is a naturally occurring ingredient that comes from the Suma root and is known as an anabolic agent.

Ecdysteroids was nicknamed ‘The Russian Secret’ because Russian athletes used to consume it to build muscle, get stronger and in better shape before it was banned by WADA the World Anti Doping Agency.

Scientists say that Ecdysteroids may be just as effective when it comes to building muscle as real Dianabol but without the side effects.

If you can only afford 1 product and you want to build muscle then I would recommend D-Bal by Crazy Bulk.

Checkout the reviews and learn more about it here.


The next best product for building muscle by Crazy Bulk in my opinion is Trenorol which is an alternative to an anabolic steroid called Trenbolone.

Trenorol is a good choice if your goal is to get muscular/ripped because it also prevents water retention, so you end up with a more cut look.

Trenorol will help you build muscle, lean out and get in the best shape of your life. It can also be stacked with D-Bal and I think that would be a good combo because the D-Bal will give you  maximum muscle gains and the Trenorol will give you a totally ripped physique.

You can read reviews and learn more about Trenorol here.


Next up we have a product called Anadrole which is Crazy Bulks version of Anadrol.

Real Anadrol is quite an interesting steroid because it was first invented to give to hospital patients suffering from aids and who were bedbound to prevent muscle loss.

Not only did they preserve muscle but many of them gained it too which is why bodybuilders started using it too.

From what I can tell Anadrol by Crazy Bulk is quite mild compared to their D-Bal and Trenorol products which is why it hasn’t been added to the bulking stack.

It might be a good one to try if you you’re not looking to build tons of muscle but just want to get in shape and bulk up a little bit.

You can read reviews and learn more about Anadrol here.


DecaDuro by Crazy Bulk is an alternative to Deca Durabolin.

DecaDuro isn’t really for muscle gains although you will still gain muscle using it. Instead it’s for guys who want to gain strength for powerlifting or just because you want to get stronger.

Want to increase you squat, bench press, deadlift as well as look good? The DecaDuro may be the one for you!

You can read reviews and learn more about it here.


All anabolic steroids are basically just different forms of testosterone. When you have more testosterone you become more anabolic and build muscle easier.

Testo-Max is a product by Crazy Bulk designed to increase your testosterone and make you more anabolic in order to build muscle.

Testo-Max contains a set of ingredients called ZMA (zinc, magnesium and d-aspartic acid) which has been shown to increase testosterone by 32.44%.

There are also other benefits that come with increasing testosterone such as more energy, vitality, anti-aging and more confidence.

Test-Max by Crazy Bulk is a fantastic product for building muscle and overall health and you can learn more about it here!

The Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack:

You can also buy the Crazy Bulk bulking stack which consists of their best selling and most effective bulking products.

It contains Testo-Max, D-Bal, Trenorol and Decaduro.

If you read about these products above then you’ll know this combination is pretty damn good and means huge muscle gains, a ripped physique, more testosterone and more strength and power.

It also means big savings as well because when you buy the bulking stack here they will give you $50 off!

The Crazy Bulk Products For Cutting And Burning Fat

If you’ve got some weight to lose or you’ve just finished a bulk and want to shed some fat so you can get lean and shredded then Crazy Bulk also offer a range of products for cutting and burning fat you will want to checkout.


Clenbutrol is a fat burner based on a drug called Clenbuterol.

You may have heard of Clenbuterol in the news because it’s often used by celebs, athletes and movie stars to burn fat and get in shape fast.

There was controversy before the Canelo vs GGG boxing match when Canelo popped for Clenbuterol.

Clenbutrol is an alternative by Crazy Bulk that contains an ingredient called Capsaicin which is a metabolism booster which helps your body burn more calories and fat.

The Capsaicin in Clenbutrol may help you burn an extra 250 calories per day which is almost like doing a workout without having to do it. If you combine it with cardio then you will melt through fat like nothing else.

You can read reviews and learn more about Clenbutrol here!


Anvarol is another product by Crazy Bulk created as an alternative to Anavar.

Anavar was first created by scientists to help bed bound patients preserve muscle mass but after trials they discovered that the patients lost fat as well as preserved muscle.

So Anvarol is worth using if you’ve just finished your cutting phase and want to burn fat without sacrificing any muscle.

Read reviews and learn more about Anvarol here!


Winsol by Crazy Bulk is an alternative to Winstrol which helps you get lean and cut and also improves stamina and sports performance.

Winsol is a good product to try if you’re trying to cut and need something to help you train hard so you can get in incredible shape.

If you play sports then you will definitely see an athletic advantage too.

You can read reviews and learn more about Winsol here.

The Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack:

The cutting stack combines Clenbutrol with Anvarol, Testo-Max and Winsol.

This is a good combination because the Clenbutrol will help you melt fat, Anvarol will preserve muscle, Testo-Max will keep you strong and healthy and Winsol will give you the push you need in your workouts to burn as much fat as possible and become a true physical specimen.

Crazy Bulk FAQs

Here’s some frequently asked questions about Crazy Bulk.

Are the Crazy Bulk legal steroids safe to use? Yes, I didn’t notice any negative side effects but you can really feel the power of them so I think there could be side effects if you take too much so be responsible when using them!

Can women use Crazy Bulk? Yes! More and more women are now getting into bodybuilding and fitness and using products like Crazy Bulk. They even have a page just for women here.

Do I need to workout to get results? Yeah, I’m pretty sure you will still need to workout to build muscle even with the Crazy Bulk supplements on your side.

How much muscle will I build? That’s a good question. I would say that you’ll gain anywhere from 2-4lbs per week and mostly muscle. If you’re skinny and don’t have a lot of muscle already then you will probably gain muscle faster than someone who already has quite a bit of muscle.

What happens when I stop using it? As long as you workout regularly you should keep your muscle gains!

How To Build Muscle With Crazy Bulk

Here’s some tips to help you get the best results with the Crazy Bulk products.

  • Eat plenty of protein. If you’re training hard then you need protein for muscle repair and growth. I take a scoop of whey after each workout.
  • Aim for 8-10 reps with weights. You should struggle at 8 and fail to do any more by 10.
  • Give each muscle group at least 48 hours to repair before working it again. Recovery is when the growth happens.

Should You Buy The Crazy Bulk Supplements?

The Crazy Bulk supplements could be life changing if you’re willing to lift weights and train hard.

I’m definitely happy with my results and have even recommended them to a couple of friends.

They’re safe as long as you follow to recommended dose and you will feel the power and see results fast.

Don’t be surprised if people are shocked at the dramatic changes in your physique either and expect way more attention from the ladies.

I barely saw any results from a year of doing it the natural way and got life changing results in just 30 days with Crazy Bulk so I think it’s well worth the money.

For building muscle I would recommend the bulking stack or if I could only recommend 1 product to use it would be D-Bal for sure..

Build a body you can be proud of with Crazy Bulk available here.

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