Earmuffs and knit bands that will absolutely keep your heads warm

Earmuffs and knit bands that will absolutely keep your heads warm

Items that keep you warm.

Items that keep you warm. (Jennifer Griffin via Unsplash/)

When it comes to keeping your head warm, the most important area to protect is your ears. Earmuffs are a classic trick for keeping you feeling warm and protected without a big messy hat, with minimal damage done to your hairstyle. Knit bands offer similar protection for your ears, and also keep hair out of your face, a nice option when active outdoors in the winter or on windy days. With so many cozy, stylish options to choose from you can be sure your gift will be used and appreciated.

Here are a few of the best earmuffs/knit bands currently on the market.

Best for sweater style: Winter CC Confetti Warm Fuzzy Fleece Lined Thick Knit Headband Headwrap Hat Cap

Multi-layered warmth.

Multi-layered warmth. (Amazon/)

This stylish knit band has the look of your favorite cable knit winter sweater and is lined in a fuzzy polar fleece. Constructed from 100 percent Acrylic fibers this band is very soft to touch. Available in one size that’s appropriate for most women and teenage girls, this knit band also comes in a wide selection of colors.

Stay warm: Dikoaina Women’s Faux Fur Headband Winter Earwarmer Earmuff Hat Ski

Ready for your Bond movie ski chase.

Ready for your Bond movie ski chase. (Amazon/)

Made of faux fur with inner fleece lining for added warmth, this headband is sure to make a statement whenever and wherever it’s worn. The fur is lush and fluffy (made to resemble fox fur) and comes in a variety of colors. A little stretch is added to the back of the band to allow for a comfortable fit. It’s recommended that you hand wash or dry clean to maintain optimum structure and fluff.

Versatile: 180s Men’s American Wool Behind the Head Ear Warmer

Put in the work.

Put in the work. (Amazon/)

These wool blend (70 percent Wool/15 percent Nylon), behind-the-ear style earmuffs are a classic, mature style that would make a great gift for the man in your life. Available in a variety of herringbone or solid woven colorways, they are lined in primaloft recycled eco-fleece fabric for extra warmth and softness. A useful feature is they are fully collapsible which is practical for storing in your jacket pocket or bag.

Best for natural material: Winter Sheepskin Ear Muffs

Thick, plush, and sure to get noticed.

Thick, plush, and sure to get noticed. (Amazon/)

Classic style ear muffs made from Australian wool and sheepskin, these earmuffs are designed to combine the materials commonly found in your favorite winter booties. Available in natural tan/off-white combo or in solid black, they are a great choice for people who prefer natural products to man-made materials.

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