Elusive squid seen alive in natural habitat for first time (VIDEO)

Scientists have captured rare footage of a teeny, tiny squid swimming near the Great Barrier Reef; the squid is the only living member of its genus and has never before been observed alive and in its natural habitat. 

“Researchers were all surprised to see this squid as it was nothing like any of us had seen before,” Valerie Cornet, a masters student at James Cook University in Australia who is currently conducting research with the Schmidt Ocean Institute, told Live Science in an email. The ram’s horn squid (Spirula spirula) swims with its body in an unusual vertical position with its arms and tentacles pointed up; at the bottom end of the squid, two ear-shaped fins ripple in the water to keep the animal afloat. In the footage, the squid can also be seen zooming downward through the water column while remaining perfectly vertical. 

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