Engino Challenger Space Shuttle review

Engino Challenger Space Shuttle review

Essential Info:

Price: $199.99/£174

Number of pieces: 1,135

Dimensions: 19.7 x 25.6 inches (50 x 65 cm)

Recommended age: 9+

In recent times, Lego rival Engino has expanded its extensive range of building products to create its heftiest of ranges – the Mega Builds line. Pivoted towards the more enthusiastic builder, the range offers four sets. These include a motorized London Eye, Eiffel Tower, dual-motor geared helicopter, and this one – the NASA Challenger Space Shuttle.

In all cases, the builds are aimed at STEM fans who like to build a combination of Lego-style components and bordering on Meccano-esque pieces, albeit without any need for additional tools. The end result? Something huge. There’s no denying that the Engino Challenger Space Shuttle looks spectacular by the end and full of detail.

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