First in nation treatment for chronic subdural hematoma at Los Robles Health System

First in nation treatment for chronic subdural hematoma at Los Robles Health System

Los Robles Health System is leading the way in neurovascular clinical trials enrolling the first patient in the nation in STEM, the Squid trial for the treatment of chronic subdural hematoma (cSDH). Chronic subdural hematoma is a disease that presents as a collection of blood that positions itself between the surface of the brain and the outermost layer of the brain covering, called the dura. cSDH is a debilitating, causing many neurologist deficits and often requiring invasive surgery to open the skull. The patient population most commonly affected by cSDH are older adults, who are more likely to experience bleeding and rebleeding in the small vessels of the brain due to atrophy.

“This is a landmark trial that can change the management of chronic subdural hematomas completely,” says Dr. Asif Taqi, principal investigator for the trial and medical director of Neurosciences at Los Robles Health System. “Recent medical literature suggests there is a benefit in the liquid embolization of the middle meningeal artery to prevent future reaccumulation of blood and help reduce the present SDH.”

The STEM trial is a prospective, multicenter and randomized controlled trial at 25 different sites across the US, which aims to assess the safety and effectiveness of the Squid embolic agent. Leading this national trial, Los Robles enrolled the first ever patient in United States into this trial. “We are very excited to be leading this exciting research study that will potentially change the management of this disease in our community,” says Dr. Taqi.

“Los Robles is thrilled to have the first patient enrolled in the STEM trial in the nation,” says Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gabriella Sherman. “We know that the results of STEM are crucial as they will add to our overall knowledge of chronic subdural hematomas a common and disabling disease in the senior population.” The trial has the potential to determine whether treatment of cSDH with the Squid liquid embolic system is safe and effective. In addition, the trial will allow for a better understanding into the disease’s natural progression and the safety and efficacy of current treatment strategies.


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