Fisher cats: Animals that aren’t cats, nor are they really fishers

If the fisher cat isn’t the most inaccurately named animal in North America, it’s certainly up there. This weasel relative is not a cat, and it doesn’t care much for fishing. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an interesting creature in its own right.

Also called fishers (Pekania pennanti), these small mammals live in forests in Canada and across the United States. They are roughly cat-size and have long, thin bodies, covered in a fur coat that was so highly valued in the fur trade a century ago that fishers were hunted to extinction in some parts of their home range, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. But because fur has somewhat fallen out of style, and thanks to successful reintroduction, habitat restoration and conservation efforts, fishers are making a comeback in many places, the Post-Gazette reported.

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