Get $300 off Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro right now on Amazon

Get $300 off Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro right now on Amazon

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Buying the previous generation of a cellphone or laptop is a great way to save cash without sacrificing quality—especially if you’re someone who doesn’t need the latest or greatest tech on the market. Apple announced its new MacBook Pro and Mac Mini with M2 chips today, meaning you can save up to $300 on MacBook Pros with the M1 chip.

The 2021 MacBook Pro was the first in Apple’s current line-up to ditch the Touch Bar, introduced in the 2016 Pro lineup. And, it marked the return of a built-in SD card reader and MagSafe, along with other valuable ports, like HDMI. Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup has long been the go-to laptop for photographers and video editors thanks to its ease of handling and editing large, raw files. Apple says the MacBook Pro with M2 is roughly 20% faster than its previous generation, but don’t count out the M1 completely—it’s still used in the MacBook Air to great effect.

Speaking of, Best Buy has select MacBook Air models on sale. If you want an M2 laptop but don’t want to pay for the new Pro, the easily recommendable M2 MacBook Air is on sale for $999—$200 off its $1,199 regular price. As we note in our M2 MacBook Air review, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a beefier laptop that’s not MacBook Pro levels of beefy.

Apple sales are few and far between, and who knows when the company will unveil another upgrade to its laptop line—so get a new laptop before M1 MacBook Pro inventory runs out.

Here are other products on sale so you can get more into (and out of) the Apple ecosystem:

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