How To Get A Job In Medical Science Liaison

How To Get A Job In Medical Science Liaison

If you’ve ever thought about working as an MSL you may be wondering how to get a job in the medical science liaison sector. There is more demand for MSLs than ever before, and more companies these days are seeking to hire skilled experts. If you want to begin your career in this field, read on to learn more about how to get started.

What Does A Medical Science Liaison Do?

A medical science liaison is an expert that interacts with the medical community as a whole, informing and advising on the latest treatment advances. As such, they have a vital role to play in any medical device, biotech or pharma company.

An MSL will liaise with marketing and sales teams to ensure they’re promoting a message that is both relevant and accurate. They are non-commercial resources that take responsibility for representing the organization they work for, and this makes them key to that company’s success. With specific experience and advanced scientific training, they focus on a certain area of therapy or disease.

Typically, an MSL will be field-based, taking responsibility for a region or area. They meet with physicians and other key opinion leaders as well as visiting academic and medical institutions to educate about their specific field and to discuss relevant clinical and scientific data. MSLs don’t sell products – rather they sell the science that lies behind those products by educating and advising doctors. As such, an MSL must stay on top of the latest scientific advancements, and this means carrying out research and going to conferences.

Is There A Lot of Demand for MSLs?

One of the first questions that you may be asking is whether there are plenty of vacancies available in this industry. The good news is that at the present time, there is a great demand for MSLs since they have a vital role to play in any life sciences company. They’re pivotal in setting up solid networks of key opinion leaders, physicians and hospitals which are essential for their company’s success.

This means that there is great variety in the type of career paths you’re able to take. Although roles vary between organizations, usually MSLs have the chance to move upwards into senior MSL roles. MSLs with considerable experience can become directors or medical managers, or may choose to move to an office-based position, for example into a medical advisory role.

What Kind Of Skills Do I Require To Get An MSL Job?

An MSL is an expert and therefore, they must have advanced academic/scientific training. Most have either been a medical doctor, a PhD or a pharmacist. MSLs must also be excellent communicators. Since most people applying for MSL jobs already have the necessary qualifications and skills, differentiating yourself so that you stand out from the crowd is imperative.

Where Do I Begin?

Networking is usually the most common way of finding an MSL post, yet this is a time consuming and stressful route to take. Some prospective candidates check out company websites, tracking their jobs pages, and ensuring that your resume is properly tailored to the job description’s requirements is vital. Unfortunately, this can also be a long-winded and tedious process, and having to make individual applications for each post can be frustrating. This is why so many prospective candidates choose to use the services of a dedicated recruitment agency.

Xplore Life Science is a recruitment consultancy that specializes in finding suitable candidates for organizations within the life sciences sector. Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we’re a top choice for MSLs at any stage of their career who are looking for the most exciting and lucrative opportunities. Whether you’re seeking an entry level position for your first medical science liaison role, or whether you’re taking your next step up the career ladder, you’re sure to find that our talented and committed recruitment team are best-placed to find the ideal position for you.

Contact our recruitment team today and send us a copy of your up-to-date resume. We’re looking forward to helping you learn more about how to get a job in medical science liaison, and to finding out more about your unique requirements and preferences when it comes to matching you with the perfect post for you. Give us a call now and you could soon be on your way to the job of your dreams.

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