Lost 19th-century Tlingit fort discovered in Alaska

Lost 19th-century Tlingit fort discovered in Alaska

The remains of a long-lost 19th-century fort in Alaska, once the site of a fierce battle between First Nations clans and Russian soldiers, has been revealed by radar scans. It was a stronghold of the Tlingit people, a Northwest Coast Indigenous group, and it was the last fort to fall before Russia colonized the land in 1804, launching six decades of occupation. 

The Russians first invaded Alaska in 1799, and three years later Tlingit clans successfully repelled their would-be colonizers. Tlingit fighters then fortified their territory against future Russian attacks by building a wooden fort they named Shís’gi Noow — “the sapling fort” in the Tlingit language — at a strategic spot in what is now Sitka, Alaska, at the mouth of the peninsula’s Indian River.

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