Pandemic: Legacy the board game is 38% off this Black Friday

The world has (understandably) become increasingly interested in epidemiology and the history of pandemics this year. With a lot of us stuck inside more than usual, it’s also no surprise that households are spending their time with board games. 

This has all led to the popularity of games like Pandemic: Legacy (Season One) the board game which you can now get for just $49.43 from Amazon saving you 38% right now. In this boardgame players combat a global outbreak, competing or cooperating to save the world — or even lead it to doom. So if you’ve ever wanted to save the world, or perhaps you have the curiosity to create your very own maleficent virus (Plague Inc: The Board Game is now 22% off at Amazon), this Black Friday period is the perfect time to sweep up some great deals on board games that are going viral. 

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Pandemic: Legacy board game

Pandemic: Legacy also comes in alternative colors if players wish to play through multiple copies and experience the game’s many different possible story lines (Image credit: Z-Man Games / Fair Dealing)
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Board game stickers for Pandemic: legacy

As the game progresses and the story of the pandemic unfolds, players use stickers to mark changes to the global crises (Image credit: Z-Man Games / Fair Dealing)
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Board game box for Pandemic: Legacy

Each in-game month new events will trigger, adding new twists and turns for players to react to (Image credit: Z-Man Games / Fair Dealing)
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Pademic legacy board game player cards

In Pandemic: Legacy, players guide their own character on the frontline of the global outbreak (Image credit: Z-Man Games / Fair Dealing)

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