Pharma and Medical Devices Opportunities for 2021

Pharma and Medical Devices Opportunities for 2021

For the past ten years, the pharma and medical devices industry has gone through a number of innovations and transformative trends that have improved the medical treatments available for patients all over the world. In just this short space of time we’ve seen big data and AI having an enormous influence on the way in which diseases are diagnosed and treated, and we’ve also seen a shift towards preventing serious medical problems instead of medicating them. This growth in the life sciences sector has led to a wealth of exciting pharma and medical devices opportunities for 2021. With the industry being estimated to be worth more than $425 billion and expected to grow by over 5% within the next five years, it’s no wonder that the sector is becoming such a popular career choice.

Why Are There So Many Opportunities in this Sector In 2021?

With the growth in global populations and longer lifespans around the world thanks to better healthcare, there has been increased strain on the life sciences industry. This represents a major challenge for the sector. As a result, recruitment is at an all-time high. Specialists are needed in many areas of the pharma and medical devices industry to support its growth and ensure that patients are able to benefit from the technology and advances that have recently been made in treatments.
The pharmaceutical sector is thriving at the present time, especially within the generic and biologic marketplace where generic versions of drugs are being manufactured to ensure greater accessibility and affordability for patients. As patents for numerous big-name drugs are set to expire over the years to come, professionals are required to staff these operations.
Another area of this industry which is on the rise is AI and big data, which has started to revolutionize the healthcare environment. Medical device and pharmaceutical companies have begun to harness powerful tools such as machine learning to improve patient management, transform digital processes, discover new drugs and diagnose and detect diseases more precisely. The capabilities of AI have barely been explored as yet, and therefore there are many opportunities for professionals within the pharma and medical devices sector to exploit this growth and find lucrative positions within this industry.

Areas Of Growth Opportunity

There is no shortage of exciting jobs on the horizon in the pharma and medical device sector for 2021, and there are several areas that are showing particularly rapid growth. Genomic medicine, the IoMT, medical robots, 3D printing technologies, AR, VR and 5G technology are all advances that have led to a wealth of opportunities for talented job seekers who are ready to broaden their horizons and find a lucrative new role within this field.

Who Can Benefit From 2021’s Opportunities?

The good news is that professionals at all levels of their career within the pharma and medical devices sector can benefit from the opportunities that are set to arise in 2021. From entry level positions right up to the highest executive levels, there are roles that are suited to every type of candidate. With such an increase in companies operating within this field, the job market has recently opened up considerably and applicants with the right talents, skills and attitudes are now in demand. From big name companies that operate on a global scale, to smaller start-ups that are seeking out motivated individuals who want to embark on their career with an innovative new organization, there are lots of opportunities to suit candidates with all interests, preferences and levels of experience.

How To Take Advantage Of The Top Opportunities For 2021

If you’re ready to find the best opportunities within the medical devices and pharma sector in 2021, you need to know where to find the most lucrative roles. You also need to find the most convenient and simple way to submit your applications, and what could be quicker, easier or more convenient than using a dedicated recruitment consultancy such as Xplore Life Sciences? Thanks to our extensive experience in the life sciences recruitment sector, you can count on us to help you find the ideal position to suit your requirements. Contact our committed and expert recruitment team today and find out more about how we can help you to seize the top pharma and medical devices opportunities for 2021 in your local area.

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