Swaddles to keep your little one cozy and comfortable

Swaddles to keep your little one cozy and comfortable

Must-have for all parents.

Must-have for all parents. (Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash /)

For the first 3 to 4 months of life the best way to sleep is to be wrapped up tight. Not only is this comfortable for your little one, but it suppresses their startle reflexes which encourages them to sleep longer and keeps them warm without the use of loose blankets, which can be dangerous. They also make great gifts for those of you with a baby shower coming up. Finding the right swaddle for you and your baby should be simple and fun; we have found some cozy, cute options to get you started.

Top pick: mushie Muslin Baby Swaddle Blanket

Simple and sweet.

Simple and sweet. (Amazon/)

This swaddle blanket from mushie is made from 100 percent organic muslin cotton, which makes it super soft and breathable with just the right amount of insulation. It comes in ten beautiful, machine-washable earth tone colors; it’ll be hard not to stock up! It measures 47 x 47 inches making it roomy enough to fit each and every baby as they grow. These swaddles can also make great stroller, car seat, or nursing covers.

Most adjustable: HALO Sleepsack Swaddle

So you and your baby can rest easy.

So you and your baby can rest easy. (Amazon/)

The HALO sleep sack is a super convenient option for parents who don’t have a ton of time or may not be too familiar with the swaddle technique. This sack is easy to use with an inverted zipper for easy access to diapers, a wide bottom to protect and promote healthy hip development, and adjustable fasteners to fit your baby. There are three ways to use this sack: you can tuck their tiny arms all the way in, bend at the elbow and place the hands at the face, or leave the arms fully out and through the swaddle sleeves. You can choose whichever position is most conducive to quality sleep for your little one.

Best set: Swaddle Cocoon

Everything is better with a matching hat.

Everything is better with a matching hat. (Amazon/)

These swaddle sacks are quite possibly the sweetest things we’ve ever seen. They are made of breathable, stretchy jersey-knit cotton, button-free, and suitable for newborns between 0 and 2-3 months old. The cocoon style is easy to slip on, just bunch it up over your little’s one feet and gently slide it up. The patterns are unbelievably cute and each swaddle comes with a matching beanie making them perfect for newborn photoshoots.

Stylish bunch: aden + anais Swaddle Blanket

Every pattern you could ever want.

Every pattern you could ever want. (Amazon/)

Whether you’re buying for someone else or getting yourself a well-deserved nesting present, these 4-pack swaddle sets make amazing gifts for new parents everywhere. They are machine-washable, cotton swaddles that can double as baby blankets, car seat covers, and more. Best of all, they have patterns to cover just about any theme or aesthetic dream. Options include Winnie the Pooh, jungle toile, mermaids, nature, paisley, and over 30 more prints. Each swaddle in the pack is different, to the style options are truly endless.

Best for pictures: First Landings Baby Wrap

Your announcement will never look better.

Your announcement will never look better. (Amazon/)

If you want a swaddle specifically for your baby’s first photo op, look no further. These knit swaddle sets have three richly colored blankets with artistic unfinished edges. Once the photo shoot is over, you can repurpose them as tummy time blankets, pillow drapes, or stroller covers. Measuring 16 x 64 inches, these swaddles will fit your new little life perfectly.

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