Tree rings capture an abrupt irreversible shift in east Asia’s climate

The abrupt shift to hotter and drier conditions over inner East Asia is unprecedented and may herald an irreversible shift to a new climate regime for the region, according to a new study. The findings reveal a positive feedback loop fueled by declining soil moisture, which may have nudged the area’s climate over an important […]

Abrupt Climate Shifts Change the Latitudes of Storm Activity

Storm activity, including hurricanes, in the Atlantic Ocean has an outsized influence on the economic production and societal well-being of the hundreds of millions of people who live along the north American shorelines that are vulnerable to storm damage. Major storm events are expected to become stronger and occur more often in a […]

Seabird response to abrupt climate change 5,000 years ago transformed Falklands ecosystems: study

A rookery of black-browed albatross (Thalassarche melanophris) nest at a windy, exposed tussac grassland on West Point Island, Falkland Islands. Credit: Dulcinea Groff The Falkland Islands are a South Atlantic refuge for some of the world’s most important seabird species, including five species of penguins, Great Shearwaters, and White-chinned Petrels. In recent years, their breeding […]