Record-setting thermoelectric figure of merit achieved for metal oxides

IMAGE: The barium-cobalt oxide film (top right, approximately 1 cm2) being exposed to an open flame to generate voltage. (Photo: Hiromichi Ohta) view more  Credit: Hiromichi Ohta Scientists at Hokkaido University have developed a layered cobalt oxide with a record-setting thermoelectric figure of merit, which can be used to enhance thermoelectric power generation. Waste heat is […]

Wide-field microscope imaging with large FOV and high resolution is achieved via ultracompact metalens array — ScienceDaily

The pursuit of ever-higher imaging resolution in microscopy is coupled with growing demands for compact portability and high throughput. While imaging performance has improved, conventional microscopes still suffer from the bulky, heavy elements and architectures associated with refractive optics. Metalenses offer a solution: they’re ultrathin, ultralight, and flat, and benefit from lots of recent research […]