Study examines how clean air act affects municipal bond market

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Research has studied the effects of climate risk on financial markets, but few studies have addressed the effect of environmental policy on those markets. A new study examined whether federal policy aimed at mitigating local air pollution—specifically, the Clean Air Act—affected the municipal bond market from 2005 to 2019. The study […]

Nanodiamond sensors can act as both heat sources and thermometers

(a) Illustration of the structure of a nanodiamond quantum sensor coated with a pyrogenic polymer, and how it operates as a hybrid nanoheater/thermometer. (b) Electron microscope image of hybrid sensors. (c) Working principle of the hybrid sensor for measuring nanometric thermal conductivity. In a medium with high thermal conductivity, the temperature increase of the diamond […]

Affordable Clean Energy Rule Threatens Progress of Clean Air Act

Last year, the U.S. EPA finalized the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule, a dramatic relaxing in air pollution standards. ACE effectively rolls back the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP), policy that aimed to reduce carbon emissions from U.S. electrical power generation—in particular, from coal-burning power plants—through the first national standards. ACE instead […]

Genomic data ‘catches corals in the act’ of speciation and adaptation

A) Porites lobata (yellow massive morphology) shown next to Porites compressa (blue-grey branching morphology) side by sidein the same habitat; (B) example of variation in bleaching susceptibility of P. compressa in Kāne’ohe Bay. Credit: Forsman, et al. (2020) A new study led by the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa’s Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) […]